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Physiological Events in Clostridium acetobutylicum during the Shift from Acidogenesis to Solventogenesis in Continuous Culture and Presentation of a Model for Shift Induction.
The pH of continuous cultures of Clostridium acetobutylicum growing at pH 5.6 was allowed to decrease to 4.3 after acid production and thereby to shift the cultures from acetate and butyrate toExpand
Procede de production d'un polymere absorbant par sechage avec etalement
L'invention concerne un procede de production d'un polymere absorbant, ce procede comprenant les etapes suivantes : i) polymerisation d'une solution monomere aqueuse de facon a obtenir un gelExpand
A process for preparing an absorbent polymer by Spreittrocknung
A process for preparing an absorbent polymer, comprising the process steps i) polymerizing an aqueous monomer to obtain a polymer gel, ii) crushing the polymer gel to obtain a gel granulate, iii)Expand