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Female participation in delinquent gang activities.
Data on female participation in gang and non-gang delinquent activities were collected from black male delinquents in Los Angeles County Juvenile Hall by Shimota and Klein in the mid-1960s but neverExpand
Versification: Major Language Types
Reopening the Case of Wagner
ing accomplishment and influence of Wagner's work: he cried, "Other musicians don't count compared to Wagner." He never could forget that Wagner had been his cherished friend, the only authenticExpand
The Problem of Style and the Poetry of the Sixties
I pose a problem rich in theoretical implications and hazards. What are the stylistic features of the poetry of the Sixties; do these features, by virtue of certain inner and outer congruities, showExpand
Sound and Form in Modern Poetry: A Study of Prosody from Thomas Hardy to Robert Lowell
Provides an objective critical basis for measuring the achievements of the outstanding contemporary poets.
On the Poetry of Ruth Stone: Selections and Commentary
In those remote times caUed the Fifties (the rhetoric of our on-going Cultural Revolution has speeded up the historical process so that events more than five years in the past seem to have occurredExpand