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Quantification of lignin–carbohydrate linkages with high-resolution NMR spectroscopy
A quantitative approach to characterize lignin–carbohydrate complex (LCC) linkages using a combination of quantitative 13C NMR and HSQC 2D NMR techniques has been developed. Crude milled wood ligninExpand
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Elucidation of the structures of residual and dissolved pine kraft lignins using an HMQC NMR technique.
Comparative studies on the structures of residual and dissolved lignins isolated from pine kraft pulp and pulping liquor have been undertaken using the (1)H-(13)C HMQC NMR technique, GPC, and sugarExpand
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Lignin extraction from biomass with protic ionic liquids
A highly effective method has been developed for the simple extraction of lignin from lignocellulosic biomass using a potentially inexpensive protic ionic liquid (PIL). After the lignin-extractionExpand
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Structural characterization of an intermolecular RNA-RNA interaction involved in the transcription regulation element of a bipartite plant virus.
The 34-nucleotide trans-activator (TA) located within the RNA-2 of Red clover necrotic mosaic virus folds into a simple hairpin. The eight-nucleotide TA loop base pairs with eight complementaryExpand
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Photobactericidal porphyrin-cellulose nanocrystals: synthesis, characterization, and antimicrobial properties.
Adherence and survival of pathogenic bacteria on surfaces leading to concomitant transmission to new hosts significantly contributes to the proliferation of pathogens, which in turn considerablyExpand
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Structural Analysis of Residual and Technical Lignins by 1H-13C Correlation 2D NMR-Spectroscopy
Summary Structural analysis was conducted on residual lignin from pine Kraft AQ pulp, Eucalyptus Kraft lignin from Eucalyptus globulus and Repap Organosolv lignin by 2D 13C-1H correlation NMRExpand
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Influence of ureterovesical anastomosis technique on the incidence of vesicoureteral reflux in renal transplant recipients.
Urological complications of allogenic kidney transplantation include vesicoureteral reflux which can result in graft threatening urinary tract infection. To prevent this complication severalExpand
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Biobleaching of pulp with dioxygen in the laccase-mediator system — reaction mechanisms for degradation of residual lignin
Abstract Pine Kraft-AQ pulp was biobleached with pressurized dioxygen at 40°C in laccase-mediator system (LMS), i.e. in acetate buffer (pH 4.5) containing Coriolus-laccase and 1-hydroxy-benzotriazoleExpand
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Synthesis, NMR characterization and divergent biological actions of 2'-hydroxy-ceramide/dihydroceramide stereoisomers in MCF7 cells.
A straightforward method for the simultaneous preparation of (2S,3R,2'R)- and (2S,3R,2'S)-2'-hydroxy-ceramides (2'-OHCer) from (2S,3R)-sphingosine acetonide precursors and racemic mixtures ofExpand
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