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Management of acne: a report from a Global Alliance to Improve Outcomes in Acne.
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New insights into the management of acne: an update from the Global Alliance to Improve Outcomes in Acne group.
The Global Alliance to Improve Outcomes in Acne published recommendations for the management of acne as a supplement to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology in 2003. The recommendationsExpand
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Systemic isotretinoin in the treatment of rosacea – doxycycline‐ and placebo‐controlled, randomized clinical study
Background: Systemic isotretinoin has been known for decades to be effective in the treatment of severe forms of rosacea, but it must be used off‐label because of the lack of evidence‐based data.
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Current Concepts of the Pathogenesis of Acne
The pathogenesis of acne is complex, with strong evidence supporting the involvement of sebaceous hyperplasia, follicular hyperkeratinisation, bacterial hypercolonisation, as well as immune reactionsExpand
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High Copy Numbers of β-Defensin Cluster on 8p23.1, Confer Genetic Susceptibility, and Modulate the Physical Course of Hidradenitis Suppurativa/Acne Inversa.
Hidradenitis suppurativa/acne inversa (HS) has a multifactorial pathogenesis, with many patients reporting positive family history. Nine β-defensin genes (among them DEFB4 and DEFB103, encoding forExpand
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Multidisciplinary training of cancer specialists in Europe.
The best care for patients with cancer is most likely to be achieved when decisions about diagnosis, staging and treatment are made at multidisciplinary and multiprofessional meetings, preferablyExpand
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Mollusca contagiosa generalisata bei einem afrikanischen Kind mit Aids
ZusammenfassungBei einem Kind aus Zaire mit fortgeschrittener Aids-bedingter Immundefizienz (CDC: P2D1) traten generalisierte Mollusca contagiosa von ungewöhnlicher Größe auf. Während dieExpand
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Successful treatment of angiosarcoma of the scalp by intralesional cytokine therapy and surface irradiation *
An 88‐year‐old woman presented to us with angiosarcoma of the scalp that had developed over a 6‐month period following previous trauma. Despite explicit information concerning the extremely malignantExpand
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S1‐Guidelines on UV phototherapy and photochemotherapy
Known in part since antiquity, the salutary effects of sunlight again garnered increasing attention in the second half of the 19th century. The development of a device for ultraviolet irradiation ofExpand
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Diagnostics of autoimmune bullous diseases in German dermatology departments
Background: No consistent data are available on the currently employed diagnostic tools for autoimmune bullous diseases in Germany. The aim of this survey was to describe currently performedExpand
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