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Baseline surface radiation network (BSRN/WCRP) New precision radiometry for climate research
To support climate research, the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) initiated a new radiometric network, the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN). The network aims at providing validationExpand
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From Dimming to Brightening: Decadal Changes in Solar Radiation at Earth's Surface
Variations in solar radiation incident at Earth's surface profoundly affect the human and terrestrial environment. A decline in solar radiation at land surfaces has become apparent in manyExpand
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A new snow cover fraction parametrization for the ECHAM4 GCM
Abstract Snow cover fraction (SCF) has a significant influence on the surface albedo and thus on the radiation balance and surface climate. Long-term three dimensional simulations with generalExpand
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Means and Trends of Shortwave Irradiance at the Surface Estimated from Global Energy Balance Archive Data.
Abstract Means and trends of shortwave irradiance at the earth’s surface are calculated from pyranometer measurements stored in the Global Energy Balance Archive (GEBA) database. The GEBA databaseExpand
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On the consistency of trends in radiation and temperature records and implications for the global hydrological cycle
[1] Several studies indicate that incident shortwave radiation at land surfaces has significantly decreased between 1960 and 1990. Despite this, land temperature has increased by 0.4°C over the sameExpand
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Validation of general circulation model radiative fluxes using surface observations
Abstract The surface radiative fluxes of the ECHAM3 General Circulation Model (GCM) with T2 1, T42, and T 106 resolutions have been validated using observations from the Global Energy Balance ArchiveExpand
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Regional climate simulation with a high resolution GCM: surface radiative fluxes
The ability of a high resolution (T106) version of the ECHAM3 general circulation model to simulate regional scale surface radiative fluxes has been assessed using observations from a new compilationExpand
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Evaluation of Downward Longwave Radiation in General Circulation Models
Abstract The longwave radiation emitted by the atmosphere toward the surface [downward longwave radiation (DLR)] is a crucial factor in the exchange of energy between the earth surface and theExpand
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