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A highly effective emitter substance for mass spectrometric Pb isotope ratio determinations
Abstract A new emitter substance for lead isotope measurements consisting of a mixture of colloidal silicic acid and dilute phosphoric acid is described. With respect to the lead ion yield and theExpand
Evidence for Late Miocene to Recent contamination of arc andesites by crustal melts in the Chilean Andes (25–26°S) and its geodynamic implications
Chemical and isotopic data from 12 volcanic centers of the southern Central Volcanic Zone (CVZ) in Chile, whose ages of 20, 16, 11, 8, 5, 2 and <1 Ma bracket the peak of shortening and crustalExpand
A petrogenetic study of anorogenic felsic magmatism in the Cretaceous Paresis ring complex, Namibia: evidence for mixing of crust and mantle-derived components
Abstract Paresis is one of a group of Cretaceous ring complexes extending from the coast some 350 km NE across the Damara Belt. It consists of over 90% rhyolites and comendites, with subordinateExpand
The Origin of Strontium and the Strontium Isotope Budget of the River Nile
Abstract The river Nile has been used as an example to study the evolution of the Sr content and the Sr isotope ratios in rivers in dependence on rock types of the catchment areas, the mixing of theExpand
Autometasomatic Rb enrichments in highly evolved granites causing lowered RbSr isochron intercepts
Abstract Whole-rock samples of the younger members of a suite of the Erzgebirge granites yield Rb Sr isochrons with remarkably low intercepts (0.689–0.702) whereas the older granites yield initial SrExpand
The Historical Constitution of the Political Forms of Capitalism
Abstract:  This article provides a general overview and critique of approaches to state theory, from the Marxist “state derivation“ debate of the 1970s, through to regulation and world-systemsExpand
Impersonal Power: History and Theory of the Bourgeois State
Preface to the English Edition Part One - The Rise of Bourgeois States: Preconditions for an Explanation 1. Miracles, for example 2. States in general, 'bourgeois' states in particular 3. Examples ofExpand
The Disciplining of German Seamen
During the 1822 shipping season the crew of a Swinemiinde vessel noticed at Helsingor that the master did not intend to return directly to their home port but rather to detour to Memel. Since theyExpand
Rare earth elements, yttrium and H, O, C, Sr, Nd and Pb isotope studies in mineral waters and corresponding rocks from NW-Bohemia, Czech Republic
The sparkling waters from the area of Kyselka near Karlovy Vary at the western slope of the Doupovske hory, Bohemia (Czech Republic), and CO2-poor waters from two underground boreholes at Jachymov,Expand
Men Apart: The Concept of “Total Institution” and the Analysis of Seafaring
It is unfortunate that Erving Goffman read Herman Melville's White Jacket, since had he not known this impressive novel, he might not have been tempted to include ships in his list of so-calledExpand