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The Origin of Strontium and the Strontium Isotope Budget of the River Nile
Abstract The river Nile has been used as an example to study the evolution of the Sr content and the Sr isotope ratios in rivers in dependence on rock types of the catchment areas, the mixing of the
Impersonal Power: History and Theory of the Bourgeois State
Preface to the English Edition Part One - The Rise of Bourgeois States: Preconditions for an Explanation 1. Miracles, for example 2. States in general, 'bourgeois' states in particular 3. Examples of
The Historical Constitution of the Political Forms of Capitalism
Abstract:  This article provides a general overview and critique of approaches to state theory, from the Marxist “state derivation“ debate of the 1970s, through to regulation and world-systems
The Disciplining of German Seamen
During the 1822 shipping season the crew of a Swinemiinde vessel noticed at Helsingor that the master did not intend to return directly to their home port but rather to detour to Memel. Since they
ʻHow Bourgeois Were the Bourgeois Revolutions?ʼ
While the overview concerning debates on bourgeois revolutions is impressive, it cannot elucidate the theoretical concept of bourgeois revolutions. Neil Davidson’s own suggestion centres on the