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Unity of All Elementary Particle Forces
Strong, electromagnetic, and weak forces are conjectured to arise from a single fundamental interaction based on the gauge group SU(5).
Softly Broken Supersymmetry and SU(5)
We construct an explicit realistic SU(5) model in which softly broken supersymmetry is used to protect the Higgs doublets from quadratic mass renormalization. The model requires one natural butExpand
Chiral quarks and the non-relativistic quark model
Abstract We study some of the consequences of an effective lagrangian for quarks, gluons and goldstone bosons in the region between the chiral symmetry breaking and confinement scales. This providesExpand
Lie Algebras in Particle Physics
Howard Georgi is the co-inventor (with Sheldon Glashow) of the SU(5) theory. This extensively revised and updated edition of his classic text makes the theory of Lie groups accessible to graduateExpand
Effective field theory for massive gravitons and gravity in theory space
Abstract We introduce a technique for restoring general coordinate invariance into theories where it is explicitly broken. This is the analog for gravity of the Callan–Coleman–Wess–Zumino formalismExpand
(De)constructing dimensions.
We construct renormalizable, asymptotically free, four-dimensional gauge theories that dynamically generate a fifth dimension.
A new lepton-quark mass relation in a unified theory
Abstract We argue that the observed quark and lepton masses are related at momenta larger than 1015 GeV as follows: mb = mτ, mμ = 3ms and me = md/3. We construct a model in which these factors ofExpand
Electroweak symmetry breaking from dimensional deconstruction
We propose a new class of four-dimensional theories for natural electroweak symmetry breaking, relying neither on supersymmetry nor on strong dynamics at the TeV scale. The new TeV physics isExpand
Unparticle physics.
  • H. Georgi
  • Medicine, Physics
  • Physical review letters
  • 23 March 2007
I discuss some simple aspects of the low-energy physics of a nontrivial scale invariant sector of an effective field theory-physics that cannot be described in terms of particles. I argue that it isExpand