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The effect of various recovery modalities on subsequent performance, in consecutive supramaximal exercise.
It is concluded that the type of recovery has a significant effect on blood lactate elimination kinetics, and active recovery is beneficial in the preservation of performance during repeated maximal exercise.
Developments of Swahili resources for an automatic speech recognition system
This article describes the efforts to provide ASR resources for Swahili, a Bantu language spoken in a wide area of East Africa, and takes advantage of some linguistic characteristics of the language such as rich morphology or shared vocabulary with English to improve performance of the baselineswahili ASR system in a broadcast speech transcription task.
Effect of different modalities of exercise and recovery on exercise performance in subjects with sickle cell trait.
The sickle cell trait (HbAS) does not seem to affect exercise performance. It remains unclear, however, whether the capability to sustain repeated brief maximal effort and recovery by HbAS subjects,
Quality Assessment of Crowdsourcing Transcriptions for African Languages
It is concluded that it is possible to acquire quality transcriptions from the crowd for under-resourced languages using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and some legal and ethical issues to consider.
[Evaluation of practices and costs of antivectorial control at the family level in central Africa, I. Yaoundé City (March 1988)].
A Knowledge Attitude Practice survey was carried through in March, 1988 in Yaoundé City to identify the current major mosquito behaviour control methods: insecticide sprays, mosquito coils and bednets and the motivations in the use of these control methods.
Crowdsourcing for Speech: Economic, Legal and Ethical analysis
This article will focus on ethical, legal and economic issues of crowdsourcing in general and of crowdsourced services such as Amazon Mechanical Turk, a major platform for multilingual language resources (LR) production.
[Evaluation of practice and costs of vector control on a family level in Central Africa. II. Douala City (Cameroon), July 1988].
A Knowledge, Attitude, Practice survey was carried out in July 1988 in Douala city, by cluster sampling and household visits, which found that more than 90% of people interviewed would accept buying and using an insecticide impregnated bed-net provided that the price be lower than the current habitual price for ordinary bed-nets.
[Surveillance of Plasmodium falciparum drug sensitivity in Yaounde and its surroundings (Cameroon). In vivo and in vitro study].
Among 172 strains collected in Yaoundé 60% are chloroquine- resistant, 37% are amodiaquine-resistant, instead of quinine and mefloquine which are completely efficient, which means new therapeutic schemes for first and second line treatment in endemic areas must be evaluated.
[Uncomplicated attack of malaria in an area with high resistance to chloroquine. I. Evaluation of a short treatment with quinine].
The good results achieved in the treatment of malaria with a 7 and 5 days one of quinine (orally dose 8 mg/kg/8 h), incited the authors to try a 3 days long treatment at the same dose. They