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Application of the coupled MIKE SHE/MIKE 11 modelling system to a lowland wet grassland in southeast England
Hydrological modifications frequently result in wetland loss and degradation while wetland management, restoration and creation schemes rely upon further hydrological manipulations. These schemes canExpand
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Understanding Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology
Understanding and applying research methods and statistics in psychology is one of the corner stones of study at undergraduate level. To enable all undergraduate psychology students to carry outExpand
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Infanticide and Neonaticide: A Review of 40 Years of Research Literature on Incidence and Causes
The prevailing public view on women who kill their babies is that they are either monsters or psychotic, or both. The psychiatric and legal communities recognize that the issue is not as simplyExpand
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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones: The Effects of Emotional Abuse
The relationship between psychological maltreatment in childhood and adult well-being has previously been established via the statistical modeling of psychometric data. This study examines a set ofExpand
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The Social Construction of the Child Sex Offender Explored by Narrative
The notion of "child sex offender" provokes aversion, but it may be that it is a social construction. We suggest that a Dominant narrative, in which child sex offenders are constructed asExpand
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Hydrological modelling of a drained grazing marsh under agricultural land use and the simulation of restoration management scenarios
Abstract The capability of the spatially-distributed, physically-based, rainfall-runoff modelling system, MIKE SHE, to simulate the hydrological behaviour of the natural and drained parts of theExpand
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Modelling actual, reference and equilibrium evaporation from a temperate wet grassland
Actual and reference evaporation from a wet grassland in Southeast England was studied over the spring and summer of 1999 (March to September) through changes in surface wetness. The Penman-MonteithExpand
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Social and Virtual Networks: Evaluating Synchronous Online Interviewing Using Instant Messenger
This paper describes an evaluation of the quality and utility of synchronous online interviewing for data collection in social network research. Synchronous online interviews facilitated by InstantExpand
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Criminological and Forensic Psychology
PART 1: DEFINING CRIMINOLOGICAL AND FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY Chapter 1: Defining Forensic Psychology Chapter 2: Research Methods in Forensic Psychology PART 2: PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPLANATIONS OF CRIME ChapterExpand
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The Evolution of Aggression
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