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Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
* Introduction to the Tenth Anniversary Edition Background * The Idea of Multiple Intelligences * Intelligence: Earlier Views * Biological Foundations of Intelligence * What Is an Intelligence? The
Multiple intelligences : the theory in practice
The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences In a Nutshell A Rounded Version (with Joseph Walters) Questions and Answers About Multiple Intelligences Theory (with Joseph Walters) The Relation of Intelligence
Intelligence Reframed: Multiple Intelligences for the 21st Century
People are different, according to conventional wisdom - the saying generally used in explaining varying opinions, attitudes or ways of thinking. Why then is it not a given that people are different
Multiple intelligences : new horizons
Howard Gardner's brilliant conception of individual competence has changed the face of education in the twenty-three years since the publication of his classic work, Frames of Mind. Since then
The mind's new science: a history of the cognitive revolution
From the Publisher: The noted Harvard cognitive scientist offers the first interdisciplinary study of the nature of knowledge.
Leading Minds: An Anatomy Of Leadership
In any society, only very few human beings can become leaders; yet without effective leaders, a society cannot long remain viable. How can we understand leadership from a psychological point of view?
Changing Minds: The Art and Science of Changing Our Own and Other People's Minds
1 The Contents of the Mind 2 The Forms of the Mind 3 The Power of Early Theories Leading a Diverse Population 5 Leading an Institution: How to Deal with a Uniform Population 6 The Creative Geniuses