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Adverse reactions to local anesthetics: analysis of 197 cases.
BACKGROUND Adverse drug reactions to local anesthetics are frequently reported. However, little is known about the underlying mechanisms. Therefore we investigated 177 patients with a history of 197Expand
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Functional evaluation of penile hemodynamics.
A multidisciplinary study was performed on 200 consecutive patients with erectile dysfunction more than 1 year in duration, which included a standardized intracavernous injection of a vasoactiveExpand
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Cigarette smoking and sperm quality *
Summary. The effect of cigarette smoking on conventional semen parameters (volume, total sperm count, sperm count/ml, total motility, progressive motility, morphology) was studied retrospectively inExpand
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Tolerance to intravenous admiration of heparin and heparinoid in a patient with delayed‐type hypersensitivity to heparins and heparinoids
Delayed‐type hypersensitivity reactions ot subcutaneously (s.c) injected heparins are common. Since similar reactions usually occur to different heparin preparations, semisynthetic heparinoids mightExpand
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Idiopathic varicoceles: feasibility of percutaneous sclerotherapy.
Percutaneous retrograde venography was performed in 717 patients with a left-sided idiopathic varicocele. In 674 (94.0%), testicular (internal spermatic) vein insufficiency was proved by contrastExpand
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Kiwi fruit allergy: a new birch pollen-associated food allergy.
BACKGROUND To determine the cross-reacting antigens of kiwi fruit and other foods and pollen, we investigated 22 patients allergic to kiwi fruit: 10 with severe systemic reactions and 12 withExpand
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Type IV allergy to amide‐type local anesthetics
The case of a 45‐year‐old woman is reported, who developed intense erythema and itching 1 day after subcutaneous (S.C) injection of a local anesthetic containing mepivacaine and methylparben. TheExpand
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Arterial anatomy and arteriographic diagnosis of arteriogenic impotence
One hundred twenty-six bilateral selective arteriographic examinations of the iliopudendal vascular tree were performed after comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation in patients with chronicExpand
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Anticonvulsiva-Hypersensitivitäts-Syndrom auf Carbamazepin
Zusammenfassung. Bei einer 39jährigen Patientin wurde wegen fokaler Anfälle im Bereich des linken Armes und der linken Gesichtshälfte eine antikonvulsive Therapie eingeleitet. Dabei traten auf 4Expand
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