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Exercise‐induced increase in serum interleukin‐6 in humans is related to muscle damage.
1. This study was performed to test the hypothesis that the exercise‐induced increase in circulating cytokine levels is associated with muscle damage. Nine healthy young male subjects performed twoExpand
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The effect of graded exercise on IL‐6 release and glucose uptake in human skeletal muscle
In this study, the hypothesis that the release of interleukin (IL)‐6 from human muscle is linked to exercise intensity and muscle glucose uptake was investigated. In the overnight fasted state, sevenExpand
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Increased Bone Mineral Density after Prolonged Electrically Induced Cycle Training of Paralyzed Limbs in Spinal Cord Injured Man
Abstract. Spinal cord injured (SCI) individuals have a substantial loss of bone mass in the lower limbs, equaling approximately 50% of normal values in the proximal tibia, and this has beenExpand
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Sex differences in hormone-sensitive lipase expression, activity, and phosphorylation in skeletal muscle at rest and during exercise.
Women have been shown to use more intramuscular triacylglycerol (IMTG) during exercise than men. To investigate whether this could be due to sex-specific regulation of hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL)Expand
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Glucagon and plasma catecholamine responses to graded and prolonged exercise in man.
Eight men were studied during graded (47, 77, and 100% of maximal oxygen uptake) and prolonged (76%) exhaustive treadmill running. During graded exercise the glucagon concentration increased 35% fromExpand
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The effect of moderate exercise on postprandial glucose homeostasis in NIDDM patients
Summary The influence of exercise on glycaemia in the post-prandial state was studied for the first time in non-insulin-dependent diabetic (NIDDM) patients. Meal-induced glucose responses wereExpand
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Expression of hormone-sensitive lipase and its regulation by adrenaline in skeletal muscle.
The enzymic regulation of triacylglycerol breakdown in skeletal muscle is poorly understood. Western blotting of muscle fibres isolated by collagenase treatment or after freeze-drying demonstratedExpand
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Hormonal and metabolic adaptation to exercise
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Effect of physical exercise on sensitivity and responsiveness to insulin in humans.
The effect of acute physical exercise on insulin sensitivity and responsiveness of glucose uptake and hepatic glucose production was studied. Seven untrained men were subjected to four sequentialExpand
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Long term adaptation to electrically induced cycle training in severe spinal cord injured individuals
Spinal cord injured (SCI) individuals most often contract their injury at a young age and are deemed to a life of more or less physical inactivity. In addition to the primary implications of the SCI,Expand
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