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On Local and Non-Local Properties
Publisher Summary This chapter presents a method that is an analysis of first-order formulas in terms of local properties. A natural simple metric is used in model and the concept of a k-localExpand
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Concerning measures in first order calculi
~0. Introduction. The idea of treating probability as a real valued function defined on sentences is an old one (see ['6] and [7], where other references can be found). Carnap's at tempt to set up aExpand
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Fully abstract compositional semantics for logic programs
We propose a framework for discussing fully abstract compositional semantics, which exposes the interrelations between the choices of observables, compositions, and meanings. Expand
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Decidable optimization problems for database logic programs
We show that boundedness is decidable for monadic Datalog programs, i.e., programs where the recursive predicates are monadic (the non-recursive predicates can have arbitrary arity). Expand
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Dependency Systems and Phrase-Structure Systems
  • H. Gaifman
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Inf. Control.
  • 1 June 1965
A language is considered here as a finite set of symbols (words of the language) together with a set of strings (finite sequences) of these symbols (sentences). Expand
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A Theory of Higher Order Probabilities
  • H. Gaifman
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • TARK
  • 19 March 1986
We set up a general framework for higher order probabilities. Expand
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Models and types of Peano's arithmetic
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Probabilities Over Rich Languages, Testing and Randomness
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Concerning measures on Boolean algebras
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