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Potential impacts of tourist developments in St Lucia on the Endangered White-breasted Thrasher Ramphocinclus brachyurus
A rapidly developing tourism industry, concentrated in coastal regions, is suspected to seriously impact upon biodiversity in the global conservation priority of the insular Caribbean. In St Lucia,Expand
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Feeding and nesting requirements of the critically endangered Mangrove Finch Camarhynchus heliobates
The critically endangered Mangrove Finch (Camarhynchus heliobates) is a habitat specialist restricted to mangroves, with a global population size of about 100 individuals. Due to its extremelyExpand
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Patterns of waterbird diversity in central western Madagascar: where are the priority sites for conservation?
Madagascar still retains extensive wetlands important for fishing, hunting and agriculture. They also support a high proportion of the island’s globally threatened endemic birds. However, as a resultExpand
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Meller's duck: A threatened species receives recognition at last
Wetland areas of Madagascar, increasingly threatened by extensive habitat modification, contain many little known endemic species. One of these species, Meller's duck (Anas melleri), is restricted toExpand
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Recent conservation efforts and identification of the Critically Endangered Mangrove Finch Camarhynchus heliobates in Galápagos
Mangrove Finch Camarhynchus heliobates was the last species of Darwin’s finches to be described. Known historically from at least five different localities on Isabela and two on Fernandina, currentlyExpand
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Comparative study of the courtship displays of Meller's Duck Anas melleri, Yellowbilled Duck A. undulata and Northern Mallard A. platyrhynchos.
Young, H.G. 1999. Comparative study of the courtship displays of Meller's Duck Anus melleri, Yellowbilled Duck A. undulata and Northern Mallard A. platyrhynchos. Ostrich 70(2): 117–122 TheExpand
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A description of the Madagascar Teal Anas bernieri and an examination of its relationships with the Grey Teal A. gracilis
The Madagascar Teal is one of the least known of all ducks. Recent studies, and the capture of live adults for a captive breeding programme, have allowed the first accurate description of the speciesExpand
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Madagascar’s wildfowl (Anatidae) in the new millennium
Ten wildfowl taxa are resident in Madagascar including four endemics: Madagascar White-backed Duck Thalassornis leuconotus insularis, Madagascar Teal Anas bernieri, Meller’s Duck A. melleri andExpand
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Threatened Anatinae and wetlands of Madagascar : A review and evaluation
L'ile de Madagascar, situee dans l'ocean Indien, peut etre caracterisee comme un pays fortement boise et renfermant un grand nombre d'especes endemiques de plantes et d'animaux. Pourtant, il y a deExpand
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Measurements and movements of Madagascar Teal Anas bernieri captured and ringed at Lake Antsamaka in central-western Madagascar
Madagascar Teal Anas bernieri were captured at Lake Antsamaka, central-western Madagascar, during the species’ annual wing moult to test whether the sexes could be differentiated on morphometrics andExpand
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