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The influence of chemical structure on fungal activity. IV. The effect of bisphenolic-type compounds.
A total of 24 compounds of a basic bisphenolic structure were tested for fungistatic potency by the nutrient agar dish technique using Aspergillus niger as the test organism. The most effectiveExpand
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The influence of chemical structure on fungal activity. I. Effect of p-chlorophenol and derivatives.
Abstract Evaluation of 18 p -chlorophenols for fungistatic potency, including as an arbitrary standard the proven fabric mildew-proofing agent, G-4, was performed by the nutrient-agar dish techniqueExpand
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Steric hindrance relationship of some phenols to fungistatic potency.
  • H. G. Shirk
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Archives of biochemistry and biophysics
  • 1 July 1954
Abstract The effect of several alkylated phenols on the growth of Aspergillus niger indicated that ortho and/or para substitution in phenol enhanced fungistatic potency, while a di-ortho-alkylExpand
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The influence of chemical structure on fungal activity. III. Effect of o-chlorination on phenols.
Abstract Evaluation of ten phenols including companion p -chloro derivatives to interfere with fungus growth was performed using the agar-dish technique with Aspergillus niger as the test organism.Expand
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Infrared Spectra of Bacterial Cellulose
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The influence of chemical structure on fungal activity. V. The effect of bromoacetic acid esters.
Abstract The fungistatic assay of 57 bromoacetates revealed 26 effective in inhibiting A. niger development at dosages as low as 7.5 × 10−6M, and nine which prevented development at a concentrationExpand
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Microbiological deterioration of manufactured materials.
s, 43, 3181g (1949) 67. Pady, S. M. , Kelly, C. D., and Polunin, N., Nature, 162, 379-81 (1948) 68. "Properties of Chemical Engineering Materials of Construction, " Ind. Eng. Chern., 42, 2026-76Expand
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Effect of some nitrophenols on the respiration of Myrothecium verrucaria spores.
The evidences as presented by Plantefol (l), Field, Martin, and Field (2, 3), Krahl and Clowes (4), Shoup and Kimler (5), Bodine and Boell (6), Tyler (7), Peiss and Field (8), and Newcomb (9),Expand
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