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The Satellites of Mars
IT seems worthy of notice that the prophetic genius of Homer has already not only identified but even given names to the two satellites of Mars. I allude, of course, to the passage in the fifteenthExpand
A Substitute for Carbon Disulphide in Prisms, &c
IT may be worth mentioning that the highly-refractive liquid, phenyl-thiocarbimide (molecular formula, C6H5NCS), to which drew attention some little time ago at a meeting of the Physical Society (seeExpand
Iridescent Crystals of Potassium Chlorate
WITH regard to the above crystals, described by Prof. Stokes in NATURE (April 16, p. 565), I should like to suggest, with some diffidence, that the colours may be due, not to a continuous hemitropicExpand
“Degradation” of Energy
IT may perhaps have occurred to others besides myself that the term “degradation”—as applied to the transmutation, for instance, of mechanical energy into heat energy—is a rather stronger one thanExpand
A Lubricant for Brass Work
MANY besides myself have probably been inconvenienced by the corrosive action of ordinary lubricants—lard, grease, &c.—upon brass and copper, which causes the plugs of stop-cocks to leak or getExpand
On a Modification of Foucault' and Ahrens's Polarising Prisms
IN tracing by the usual methods the course of rays through one of the polarising prisms recently devised and constructed by Mr. C. D. Ahrens (described in the Journal of the Royal MicroscopicalExpand
Note on the Manipulation of Glass containing Lead
IN reading Mr. Shenstone's very useful little treatise on glass-blowing (reviewed in NATURE of the 9th inst., p. 123), I have failed to notice any mention of an expedient which I have found veryExpand
Note on an Ebbing and Flowing Well at Newton Nottage (Glamorganshire)
  • H. G. Madan
  • Geology
  • Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of…
  • 1 February 1898
In the village of Newton Nottage, near the watering-place of Porthcawl, about halfway between Cardiff and Swansea, there is an ancient dipping-well, the water in which has ‘from time immemorial’ beenExpand
The New Telescope at Eton
IN furtherance of natural science work at Eton, an excellent telescope has been recently given to the school by the energy and liberality of some of the masters.