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Kohlefilmcytochemie - ein Verfahren zur Lokalisation von zellmembran-assoziierten Stoffen
Summary A method was used which combines immunocytochemical techniques with surface l'Cplication by carbon films in order to localize fibronectin and N-acetyl-p-hexosaminidase on cell surfaces ofExpand
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Elektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen zur Frage der Kapillarmorphologie in der menschlichen Zahnpulpa
Zusammenfassung 1. 1. Elektronenmikroskopisch lassen sich in der Zahnpulpa deutlich drei morphologisch verschiedene Kapillartypen unterscheiden. 2. 2. Die feinstrukturellen Befunde, die an diesenExpand
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Eichstandards für die quantitative Röntgenmikroanalyse biologischer Proben im Rastertransmissionselektronenmikroskop
Summary Quantitation in biological X-ray microanalysis usually depends on the reference to one or more element standards. This paper deals with the general characteristics of such standards and givesExpand
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Scanning and transmission electron microscopy of an unusual soil bacterium: application of the critical point drying method
Abstract The critical point method of drying biological specimens for electron microscopy has been applied to an unusual microorganism from soil. Specimens were prepared for scanning and transmissionExpand
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Lokalisation von3H-γ-Aminobuttersäure in der Cochlea
SummaryIn guinea pigs, 1 h after intraarterial and local administration of3H-GABA, autoradiographs of the cochlea and the brain were performed. As a parameter of distribution of this substance,Expand
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