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Role of human cytomegalovirus genotype polymorphisms in AIDS patients with cytomegalovirus retinitis
Although several host factors have been identified to influence the course of HCMV infection, it still remains unclear why in AIDS patients without highly active antiretroviral therapy humanExpand
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The antisense oligonucleotide ISIS 2922 prevents cytomegalovirus‐induced upregulation of IL‐8 and ICAM‐1 in cultured human fibroblasts
Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection is associated with excessive proinflammatory immune responses such as cytokine/chemokine production or upregulation of adhesion molecules on the host cells. ItExpand
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In vitro inhibition of human cytomegalovirus replication by desferrioxamine.
Desferrioxamine (DFO) is commonly used in therapy as a chelator of ferric ion in disorders of iron overload. We found that DFO inhibits human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) replication in infected culturesExpand
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In vitro inhibition of human cytomegalovirus replication in human foreskin fibroblasts and endothelial cells by ascorbic acid 2-phosphate.
Antiviral activity of L-ascorbic acid-2-phosphate (ASC-2P), a long-acting derivative of L-ascorbic acid, against several human cytomegalovirus (CMV) strains was examined in cultures of human foreskinExpand
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Induction of myogenic differentiation in a human rhabdomyosarcoma cell line by phenylacetate.
Sodium phenylacetate (NaPA) at concentrations ranging from 2 to 10 mM promoted myogenic differentiation of the human alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma cell line KFR. These concentrations inhibited DNAExpand
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Complications after implantation of intraocular devices in patients with cytomegalovirus retinitis
Abstract  · Purpose: The authors report their surgical experience after sustained-release ganciclovir treatment, as well as replacing empty ganciclovir implants in patients with acquired immuneExpand
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Opportunistic infections of the eye in immunocompromised patients.
All opportunistic infections of the eye have their origin in the suppression of the immune system of the host. The immunosuppression can be acquired through the human immune deficiency virus or as aExpand
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Special issue on the environmental risk assessment of alcohol ethoxylate nonionic surfactant
Alcohol ethoxylates (AEs) are a class of nonionic surfactants produced and used globally. The primary route to the environment is through down-the-drain disposal following use in consumer products.Expand
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In vitro anti-human cytomegalovirus activity of liposome-encapsulated foscarnet.
Foscarnet is a pyrophosphate analogue that possesses substantial activity against human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) in patients with CMV retinitis. In this in vitro study we tested whether liposomeExpand
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