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Studying global change through investigation of the plastic responses of xylem anatomy in tree rings.
Variability in xylem anatomy is of interest to plant scientists because of the role water transport plays in plant performance and survival. Insights into plant adjustments to changing environmentalExpand
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Temperature modulates intra-plant growth of Salix polaris from a high Arctic site (Svalbard)
Arctic ecosystems are important carbon sinks. Increasing temperatures in these regions might stimulate soil carbon release. Evidence suggests that deciduous shrubs might counteract these carbonExpand
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Tracing the origin of
[1] Arctic environments, where surface temperatures increase and sea ice cover and permafrost depth decrease, are very sensitive to even slight climatic variations. Placing recent environmentalExpand
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Olive Tree-Ring Problematic Dating: A Comparative Analysis on Santorini (Greece)
Olive trees are a classic component of Mediterranean environments and some of them are known historically to be very old. In order to evaluate the possibility to use olive tree-rings forExpand
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A new sledge microtome to combine wood anatomy and tree-ring ecology
Based on the Reichert Om E microtome a more sophisticated, nevertheless solely mechanically operated microtome was developed enabling to section specimens of various forms and sizes. The materialsExpand
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Wood anatomical features may be visible on the microscopic as well as on the macroscopic scale. While the former can often be quantified by detailed wood anatomical analyses, the latter are oftenExpand
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New Tree-Ring Evidence from the Pyrenees Reveals Western Mediterranean Climate Variability since Medieval Times
AbstractPaleoclimatic evidence is necessary to place the current warming and drying of the western Mediterranean basin in a long-term perspective of natural climate variability. Annually resolved andExpand
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Scientific merits and analytical challenges of tree-ring densitometry
X-ray microdensitometry on annually resolved tree-ring samples has gained an exceptional position in last-millennium paleoclimatology through the maximum latewood density (MXD) parameter, but also increasingly through other density parameters. Expand
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Variation in wood anatomical structure of Douglas-fir defoliated by the western spruce budworm: a case study in the coastal-transitional zone of British Columbia, Canada
Key messageAn outbreak of the western spruce budworm temporarily modifies cellular wood anatomy of stem wood in natural and mature Douglas-fir stands impacting wood quality properties.AbstractWesternExpand
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