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Heterogeneous production of nitrous acid on soot in polluted air masses
Polluted air masses are characterized by high concentrations of oxidized nitrogen compounds which are involved in photochemical smog and ozone formation. The OH radical is a key species in these
Significance of semivolatile diesel exhaust organics for secondary HONO formation.
It is shown that semivolatile and/or water-soluble species contained in diesel exhaust are significantly involved in secondary HONO formation, and these species are not associated with soot when the exhaust exits the tailpipe.
Influence of sublimation on stable isotope records recovered from high-altitude glaciers in the tropical Andes
Sublimation dominates the ablation process on cold, high-altitude glaciers in the tropical Andes. Transport of water vapor through the firn and exchange with ambient moisture alter the stable isotope
Generation of Submicron Arizona Test Dust Aerosol: Chemical and Hygroscopic Properties
This article describes a submicron dust aerosol generation system based on a commercially available dust disperser intended for use in laboratory studies of heterogeneous gas–aerosol interactions.
A Gas Ion Source for Radiocarbon Measurements at 200 kV
The novel tabletop miniaturized radiocarbon dating system (MICADAS) at ETH Zurich features a hybrid Cs sputter negative ion source for the measurement of solid graphite and gaseous CO2 samples. The
On-line Radiocarbon Measurements of Small Samples Using Elemental Analyzer and MICADAS Gas Ion Source
An on-line measurement system was installed at the MICADAS in Zurich, using an elemental analyzer (EA) as a combustion unit to enable direct radiocarbon measurement of samples containing carbon in
Aerosol climatology at the high‐alpine site Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
Continuous aerosol measurements have been performed at the high-alpine site Jungfraujoch (3450 m above sea level) since 1988 by means of an epiphaniometer. The instrument, which determines the Fuchs