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Glaciochemical dating of an ice core from upper Grenzgletscher (4200 m a.s.l.)
One crucial condition for the interpretation of ice-core records is the establishment of an accurate time-scale. This task is especially difficult for glacier sites in a complex topography such asExpand
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A study of an outstanding Saharan dust event at the high-alpine site Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
Abstract From 20 until 23 March 1990 an outstanding Saharan dust episode was observed at the high-alpine site Jungfraujoch (3450 m a.s.l.), Switzerland. Detailed meteorological analyses includingExpand
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Significance of semivolatile diesel exhaust organics for secondary HONO formation.
The atmospheric origin of nitrous acid (HONO) is largely unknown despite its estimated importance as an OH source during daytime due to its rapid photolysis. Recently, primary HONO contained inExpand
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Influence of sublimation on stable isotope records recovered from high-altitude glaciers in the tropical Andes
Sublimation dominates the ablation process on cold, high-altitude glaciers in the tropical Andes. Transport of water vapor through the firn and exchange with ambient moisture alter the stable isotopeExpand
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Historical record of carbonaceous particle concentrations from a European high‐alpine glacier (Colle Gnifetti, Switzerland)
Historical records of the concentrations of black carbon (BC) and elemental carbon (EC), as well as of water insoluble organic carbon (OC) and total carbon (TC) covering the time period ∼1755–1975Expand
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Aerosol climatology at the high‐alpine site Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
Continuous aerosol measurements have been performed at the high-alpine site Jungfraujoch (3450 m above sea level) since 1988 by means of an epiphaniometer. The instrument, which determines the FuchsExpand
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Chemical characterization of element 112
The heaviest elements to have been chemically characterized are seaborgium (element 106), bohrium (element 107) and hassium (element 108). All three behave according to their respective positions inExpand
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Heterogeneous reaction of NO2 on diesel soot particles.
Soot particles were collected from a diesel engine using a procedure that realistically mimics exhaust gas conditions in tailpipes and during dilution at room temperature. After being sampled, theExpand
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Radiocarbon analysis in an Alpine ice core: record of anthropogenic and biogenic contributions to carbonaceous aerosols in the past (1650-1940)
Long-term concentration records of carbonaceous particles (CP) are of increasing interest in climate research due to their not yet completely understood effects on climate. Nevertheless, only poorExpand
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Effects of postdepositional processes on snow composition of a subtropical glacier (Cerro Tapado, Chilean Andes)
In order to study the effects of postdepositional processes on snow chemistry a surface snow experiment was performed on the Cerro Tapado summit glacier in northern Chile, a subtropical glacier siteExpand
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