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Worker brood survival in honeybees
The brood survival in honeybee workers was measured in order to obtain the data basic to the preparation of life tables. Under normal condition, that is, at the center of brood area, the survival isExpand
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Life tables for worker honeybees
Life tables for worker honeybees covering all life span, and those for adults, were prepared for three seasonal cohorts,June bees, July bees andwintering bees. Survivorship curves forJune andJulyExpand
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Survival and life span of drone honeybees
Accura te es t imat ion of individual numbers at a given t ime is essential to populat ion ecology of any animals . BODENHEIMER (1937) devised a method to calculate seasonal populat ion t rend andExpand
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The relationship between work efficiency and population size in a honeybee colony
  • H. Fukuda
  • Biology
  • Researches on Population Ecology
  • 1 December 1983
The honeybee colony can be regarded as an ideal model to study the energy transfer process through biosystems by its simple energy inand output system. Energy input into the colony entirely dependsExpand
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Ground Beetles on Mt. Usu Six Years after the 1977-78 Eruptions
A survey was made of the grouncl beetles on and around Mt. Usu which had suffered vegetational damage froin volcanic eruptions in 1977-78. A total of 2,485 specimens of 29 species were collected,Expand
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Factors Governing the Spatial Distribution of Adult Drone Honeybees in the Hive
SummaryIn summer, younger Apis mellifera drones in a normal frame hive were concentrated in the centre, and older drones were more on the peripheral combs. In autumn, and as winter approached, theExpand
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Nocturnal Flight Activity of Moths
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