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Electrostatic micro torsion mirrors for an optical switch matrix
We have developed a new type of compact optical switch using silicon micromachining technique. Torsion mirrors (300 /spl mu/m/spl times/600 /spl mu/m) supported by thin polysilicon beams (16 /splExpand
A micromachined impact microactuator driven by electrostatic force
This paper presents a novel micromachined actuator which is developed to produce precise and unlimited displacement. The actuator is driven by impact force between a silicon micro-mass and a stopper.Expand
Scratch drive actuator with mechanical links for self-assembly of three-dimensional MEMS
The self-assembling of three-dimensional (3-D) MEMS from polysilicon surface micromachined part is very attractive. To avoid risky external manipulation, the practical use of integrated actuator toExpand
Highly coupled ATP synthesis by F1-ATPase single molecules
Direct evidence is provided that F1 is designed to tightly couple its catalytic reactions with the mechanical rotation, and it is suggested that the ɛ-subunit has an essential function during ATP synthesis. Expand
Constraining the connectivity of neuronal networks cultured on microelectrode arrays with microfluidic techniques: a step towards neuron-based functional chips.
Three-dimensional microfluidic systems in poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) were fabricated and used in conjunction with both custom-made and commercially available planar microelectrode arrays (pMEAs) to address the problem of in vitro culture of small neuronal networks with pre-defined topological features. Expand
Integrated Broadband Microwave and Microfluidic Sensor Dedicated to Bioengineering
This paper presents an innovative high-frequency- based biosensor, which combines both microwave detection and microfluidic network for time-efficient and accurate biological analysis. It is composedExpand
A conveyance system using air flow based on the concept of distributed micro motion systems
A microactuator array for a planar conveyance system on a plane has been designed and fabricated by micro-machining. Though a typical microactuator accomplishes only a simple motion, the coordinationExpand
Fabrication and operation of polyimide bimorph actuators for a ciliary motion system
In order to extract macroscopic mechanical work out of microelectromechanical systems, we have proposed the concept of distributed micromotion systems (DMMS). The key idea of DMMS is to coordinateExpand
Microfabricated arrays of femtoliter chambers allow single molecule enzymology
A silicone device presenting a large array of micrometer-sized cavities is developed to tightly enclose volumes of solution, as low as femtoliters, over long periods of time and demonstrated the feasibility of the approach by measuring the activity of single molecules of β-galactosidase and horseradish peroxidase. Expand
Loop-mediated isothermal amplification of a single DNA molecule in polyacrylamide gel-based microchamber
A novel technique for fluorescent imaging of LAMP at a single molecule level using a microchamber-based approach demonstrated the effective exploitation of minute amount of templates and primers, and the overall reduction in LAMP detection time. Expand