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Characterization of inhalation aerosols: a critical evaluation of cascade impactor analysis and laser diffraction technique.
Cascade impactor analysis is the standard technique for in vitro characterization of aerosol clouds generated by medical aerosol generators. One important reason for using this inertial separationExpand
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Technological and practical challenges of dry powder inhalers and formulations.
In the 50 years following the introduction of the first dry powder inhaler to the market, several developments have occurred. Expand
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Development of Stable Influenza Vaccine Powder Formulations: Challenges and Possibilities
Influenza vaccination represents the cornerstone of influenza prevention. However, today all influenza vaccines are formulated as liquids that are unstable at ambient temperatures and have to beExpand
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Inulin, a flexible oligosaccharide I: Review of its physicochemical characteristics.
Inulin, a fructan-type polysaccharide, consists of (2→1) linked β-d-fructosyl residues (n=2-60), usually with an (1↔2) α-d-glucose end group. The applications of inulin and its hydrolyzed formExpand
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Characterization of the molecular distribution of drugs in glassy solid dispersions at the nano-meter scale, using differential scanning calorimetry and gravimetric water vapour sorption techniques.
The molecular distribution in fully amorphous solid dispersions consisting of poly(vinylpyrrolidone) (PVP)-diazepam and inulin-diazepam was studied. One glass transition temperature (T(g)), asExpand
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Pulsatile drug delivery to ileo-colonic segments by structured incorporation of disintegrants in pH-responsive polymer coatings.
Conventional pH-responsive coatings used for oral drug delivery to the lower parts of the gastro-intestinal tract often show a poor performance. A new system for site-specific pulsatile delivery inExpand
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Quality by design approach for optimizing the formulation and physical properties of extemporaneously prepared orodispersible films.
The quality by design (QbD) approach was applied for optimizing the formulation of extemporaneously prepared orodispersible films (ODFs) using Design-Expert® Software. The starting formulation wasExpand
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The Effect of Parenterally Administered Cyclodextrins on Cholesterol Levels in the Rat
The inclusion complex formation of intravenously administered hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin and β-cyclodextrin with endogenous lipids was studied. We tested the hypothesis that complex formation ofExpand
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The clinical relevance of dry powder inhaler performance for drug delivery.
BACKGROUND Although understanding of the scientific basis of aerosol therapy with dry powder inhalers (DPIs) has increased, some misconceptions still persist. These include the beliefs that highExpand
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Breaking of scored tablets: a review.
The literature was reviewed regarding advantages, problems and performance indicators of score lines. Scored tablets provide dose flexibility, ease of swallowing and may reduce the costs ofExpand
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