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Metal deposits on well-ordered oxide films
Abstract Metal oxide interfaces, metal coatings or dispersed metals on oxide supports play an important part in many technological areas. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of fundamental knowledgeExpand
Surface chemistry of carbon dioxide
Abstract The review discusses how CO 2 surface chemistry has developed since the early 1950s. Emphasis is given to studies of well-characterized surfaces of metals, oxides and some more complexExpand
Formation of a well-ordered aluminium oxide overlayer by oxidation of NiAl(110)
We have investigated the electronic and geometric structure of a thin oxide film grown by oxidation on NiAl(110) using electron spectroscopic techniques, i.e., LEED, EELS, XPS and ARUPS. This film isExpand
Morphology and defect structure of the CeO2(111) films grown on Ru(0001) as studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
The morphology of ceria films grown on a Ru(0 0 0 1) substrate was studied by scanning tunneling microscopy in combination with low-energy electron diffraction and Auger electron spectroscopy. TheExpand
Monolayer iron oxide film on platinum promotes low temperature CO oxidation
CO oxidation on a clean Pt(1 1 1) single crystal and thin iron oxide films grown on Pt(1 1 1) was studied at different CO:O2 ratios (between 1:5 and 5:1) and partial pressures up to 60 mbar atExpand
Clusters and islands on oxides: from catalysis via electronics and magnetism to optics
The study of metal deposits on oxides represents a field of wide interest with respect to applications as well as to basic science. The state of the art of the field is reviewed on the basis ofExpand
Catalysis and Surface Science
In 1835 the Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius coined the term “catalysis” to describe chemical reactions in which progress is affected by a substance that is not consumed in the reaction and henceExpand
Growth and structure of crystalline silica sheet on Ru(0001).
The experimental results in combination with density functional theory calculations provide compelling evidence for the formation of crystalline, double-layer sheet silica weakly bound to a metal substrate. Expand
The influence of defects on the Ni 2p and O 1s XPS of NiO
The Ni 2p and O 1s XPS of NiO single crystals were measured using monochromatic Al K alpha radiation. Different treatments of the crystals allow the authors to give a description of the influence ofExpand