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Transport and degradation of propyleneglycol and potassium acetate in the unsaturated zone.
De-icing chemicals used during the winter season are potential pollutants for the groundwater underneath the new main airport of Norway. Several field experiments examining the transport andExpand
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Monitoring snowmelt induced unsaturated flow and transport using electrical resistivity tomography
The flow and transport of a non-reactive tracer and melt water was monitored in a heterogeneous coarse sandy unsaturated zone in southeastern Norway, during the snowmelt of 2001. ElectricalExpand
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Snowmelt infiltration: monitoring temporal and spatial variability using time-lapse electrical resistivity
More than 50% of the groundwater recharge in Norway takes place during snowmelt. Given the possible threat to groundwater quality caused by potentially rapid transport through the unsaturated zone,Expand
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Change in flow and transport patterns in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands as a result of biological growth
Abstract In order to investigate the influence of biological growth on flow and transport patterns in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands, bromide tracer experiments were conducted in twoExpand
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Transport and degradation of toluene and o-xylene in an unsaturated soil with dipping sedimentary layers.
A lysimeter trench was established at the Gardermoen delta (50 km north of Oslo, Norway) to study the flow of water and transport and degradation of aromatic jet fuel components (toluene andExpand
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Climate conditions and consequences for de-icing operations as exemplified by the situation on a motorway and airport at Gardermoen, Norway
Large amounts of de-icing chemicals are used in the northern hemisphere to maintain winter safety on roads and airports every year. At Gardermoen, potassium formate (KFo) is used on runways, sodiumExpand
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Differences in gravity-dominated unsaturated flow during autumn rains and snowmelt
Five tracer experiments have been performed in a coarse-textured soil near the new main airport at Gardermoen, Norway. In two lysimeter walls, 30 and 40 measuring points form the basis for spatialExpand
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Electrical resistivity tomography as monitoring tool for unsaturated zone transport: an example of preferential transport of deicing chemicals
Non-invasive spatially resolved monitoring techniques may hold the key to observe heterogeneous flow and transport behavior of contaminants in soils. In this study, time-lapse electrical resistivityExpand
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Modeller subjectivity and calibration impacts on hydrological model applications: an event-based comparison for a road-adjacent catchment in south-east Norway.
Identifying a 'best' performing hydrologic model in a practical sense is difficult due to the potential influences of modeller subjectivity on, for example, calibration procedure and parameterExpand
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