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Hole–Mask Colloidal Lithography
Self-organization of colloidal particles on surfaces to form2D or 3D nanofabrication templates has been explored ac-tively in the past decade as an effective bottom-up method toproduce a plethora ofExpand
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Electrocatalysts for the generation of hydrogen, oxygen and synthesis gas
Water electrolysis is the most promising method for efficient production of high purity hydrogen (and oxygen), while the required power input for the electrolysis process can be provided by renewableExpand
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Olivine as tar removal catalyst in biomass gasification: Catalyst dynamics under model conditions
Olivine ((Mg,Fe)2SiO4) has been extensively explored as an active bed material for catalytic cracking of tars during gasification of biomass in dual fluidized bed reactors. It is known that both theExpand
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Preparation and characterization of TiO2/carbon composite thin films with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Composite TiO2/carbon thin films prepared by physical vapor deposition techniques on fused silica substrates show enhanced photocatalytic activity towards decomposition of methanol to CO2 and water,Expand
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Nanostructures of Graphite and Amorphous Carbon - Fabrication and Properties
Nanoscience is a well-established research area, which concerns properties and fabrication of objects with typical dimensions on the 1-100 nanometer length scale. A central issue has been theExpand
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Effect of δ-phase on the Weldability and the Hot Ductility of Alloy 718
In the weld repair cycles of alloy 718 the solution temperature is usually selected low enough to avoid grain growth in wrought material. At such low temperatures, however, δ-phase also precipitatesExpand
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Patterning of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite and glassy carbon surfaces by nanolithography and oxygen plasma etching
We demonstrate a process for the fabrication of nanostructures on two types of carbon surfaces; glassy carbon (GC) and the basal surface of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG). Using hole-maskExpand
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Cu Model Catalyst Dynamics and CO Oxidation Kinetics Studied by Simultaneous in Situ UV–Vis and Mass Spectroscopy
The oxidation state of Cu nanoparticles during CO oxidation in CO + O2 gas mixtures was sensitively monitored via localized surface plasmon resonances. A microreactor, equipped with in situ UV–visExpand
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Role of ZnO and CeOx in Cu-Based Model Catalysts in Activation of H2O and CO2 Dynamics Studied by in Situ Ultraviolet–Visible and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Flat model and powder Cu, ZnO/Cu, and CeOx/Cu catalysts were studied by focusing on the role of the oxide phase as a promoter in the water gas shift (WGS) and its reverse reaction (RWGS). ActivityExpand
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Chemical looping capabilities of olivine, used as a catalyst in indirect biomass gasification
Indirect biomass gasification systems consist of two reactors: an oxidation reactor and a gasification reactor. A bed-material is used to transfer heat from the oxidation to the gasification reactor.Expand
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