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Fermentation Reduces Free Asparagine in Dough and Acrylamide Content in Bread
ABSTRACT Free asparagine is an important precursor for acrylamide in cereal products. The content of free asparagine was determined in 11 milling fractions from wheat and rye. Whole grain wheat flourExpand
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The influence of amylose and amylopectin characteristics on gelatinization and retrogradation properties of different starches
Physico-chemical properties of starch from wheat, rye, barley (waxy, high-amylose and normal-amylose), waxy maize, pea and potato (normal-amylose and high-amylopectin) were studied. Emphasis wasExpand
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Rye kernel breakfast increases satiety in the afternoon - an effect of food structure
BackgroundThe structure of whole grain cereals is maintained to varying degrees during processing and preparation of foods. Food structure can influence metabolism, including perceived hunger andExpand
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Molecular weight and structure units of (1→3, 1→4)-β-glucans in dough and bread made from hull-less barley milling fractions
Abstract Milling fractions of hull-less barley, and dough and bread with hull-less barley flour (40%) and wheat flour (60%) were analysed in an investigation of how the properties of (1→3,Expand
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Whole grain rye porridge breakfast improves satiety compared to refined wheat bread breakfast
Background Previous studies show that dietary fibre-rich foods with low energy density have a stronger effect on satiety per calorie compared to more energy dense foods. Objective To investigateExpand
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The effect of temperature cycling on the amylopectin retrogradation of starches with different amylopectin unit-chain length distribution
Abstract The amylopectin retrogradation of six cereal starches (wheat, rye, barley (normal-amylose, high-amylose and waxy), and waxy maize), three potato starches (two normal-amylose, and aExpand
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Effect of rye bread breakfasts on subjective hunger and satiety: a randomized controlled trial
BackgroundSeveral studies report that dietary fibre from different sources promotes the feeling of satiety and suppresses hunger. However, results for cereal fibre from rye are essentially lacking.Expand
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Milling Performance of North European Hull-less Barleys and Characterization of Resultant Millstreams
ABSTRACT Four hull-less barley samples were milled on a Buhler MLU 202 laboratory mill and individual and combined milling fractions were characterized. The best milling performance was obtained whenExpand
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Calibration of a size-exclusion chromatography system using fractions with defined amylopectin unit chains
A high-performance size-exclusion chromatography (HPSEC) system was successfully calibrated using fractions of debranched amylopectin unit chains, obtained by gel filtration, and with the averageExpand
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Effect of Different Extrusion Parameters on Dietary Fiber in Wheat Bran and Rye Bran.
Wheat bran and rye bran are mostly used as animal feed today, but their high content of dietary fiber and bioactive components are beneficial to human health. Increased use of bran as food rawExpand
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