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Large-Scale Network Topological Optimization
Topological design problems for large-scale topological design systems, including the concentrator location problem, the terminal assignment problem,The terminal layout problem (the constrained minimum spanning tree problem), and the distributed network topological layout problem are discussed.
Survivable communication networks and the terminal capacity matrix
The problem of constructing networks that are "survivable" with respect to branch damage is considered. A square redundancy matrix R = [r_{i,j}] is specified. Algorithms are given to construct a
Connectivity considerations in the design of survivable networks
The problem of constructing networks that are "survivable" with respect to branch damage is considered. The networks are modeled by linear graphs and a square symmetric "redundancy" matrix R'=[r'_ij]
Analysis and Design of Survivable Networks
The purpose of this paper is to summarize the most significant of these results, to link various models and approaches, and to indicate areas of study in which additional research seems both desirable and feasible.
Topological optimization of computer networks
A number of approaches to the topological design problem are presented; areas where further research is needed are indicated; possible approaches to several unsolved problems are suggested.
Network reliability analysis: Part I
This paper considers networks with randomly failing links and nodes and combines a combinatorial analysis with stratified sampling to yield major computational savings.
Optimum Locations on a Graph with Probabilistic Demands
  • H. Frank
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Oper. Res.
  • 1 June 1966
The traffic demands at the stations of a communication network are usually not deterministic. Optimum locations found using deterministic techniques are poor when the random nature of the network
Topological considerations in the design of the ARPA computer network
The ARPA Network will provide store-and-forward communication paths between a set of computer centers distributed across the continental United States. The message handling tasks at each node in the