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Comparing different multivariate calibration methods for the determination of soil organic carbon pools with visible to near infrared spectroscopy
Abstract A successful determination of spectrally active soil components with visible and near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (VIS-NIRS, 400–2500 nm) depends on the selection of an adequateExpand
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Using earthworms as model organisms in the laboratory: Recommendations for experimental implementations
Earthworms are used in an increasing number of microcosm experiments that investigate their behaviour and biology or that consider earthworms an environmental factor that influences soil propertiesExpand
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Earthworms as Bioindicators of Soil Quality
Earthworms can indicate soil quality by (1) the abundance and species composition of the earthworm fauna at a particular site, (2) the behavior of individual earthworms in contact with a soilExpand
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A spectroscopic approach to assess trace–heavy metal contents in contaminated floodplain soils via spectrally active soil components
Soil samples from grassland plots in the Hase floodplain near Osnabruck (NW Germany) were analyzed using visible and near-infrared laboratory spectroscopy (VNIRS) by means of an ASD FieldSpec II ProExpand
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Quantification of adipocere degradation with and without access to oxygen and to the living soil.
Adipocere is formed from body fat in moist and oxygen-deficient decay conditions. The persistence of adipocere may cause problems for the reuse of graves after the expiration of statutory restingExpand
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Soil aeration and soil water tension in skidding trails during three years after trafficking
Abstract Parameters of soil aeration and of soil water tension were measured for three years in skid trails of a 34 year old beech forest from natural regeneration which received its first thinning.Expand
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Developing a soil quality test with 2D terraria and Aporrectodea caliginosa
Burrowing and casting of Aporrectodea caliginosa in 2D terraria is used as an indicator of soil quality. Keywords: earthworms, endogeic, soil test
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An experimental setup to assess earthworm behaviour in compacted soil
A new experimental setup for studying the behaviour of earthworms in compacted soil is described. The main features are (1) the soil column containing the earthworms is surrounded by repellent soil,Expand
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Assessing Bioactive Tetracycline in Soil Samples. Application of a German-Standard-Bioassay DIN 58940 Part 1–3 (5 pp)
Background Tetracycline (TC) is one of the most common antibiotics in animal husbandry. Concentrations of up to 200 µg TC kg–1 have been found in soils, which have repeatedly received pig manure, andExpand
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Spatial distribution of earthworms [Lumbricidae] in recultivated soils of the Rhenish lignite-mining area, Germany†
The spatial distribution of earthworms was studied by means of combined formalin expulsion and hand sorting in three arable fields of the Rhenish lignite-mining area that differed in theirExpand
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