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Dermal sinus and intramedullary spinal cord abscess Report of two cases and review of the literature
Abstract Intramedullary abscesses of the spinal cord are uncommon. Most of them occur in association with heart, pulmonary or urogenital infections. We report two cases of intramedullary spinal cordExpand
Gamma knife radiosurgery in the management of cavernous sinus meningiomas.
OBJECT The authors sought to assess the functional tolerance and tumor control rate of cavernous sinus meningiomas treated by gamma knife radiosurgery (GKS). METHODS Between July 1992 and OctoberExpand
Anatomy of the orbit and its surgical approach.
A micro anatomical and surgical study of the orbit was conducted on cadaver specimens. First of all we reviewed the anatomy of the orbit with special emphasis on microanatomical structures. ThreeExpand
CCM3 Mutations Are Associated with Early-Onset Cerebral Hemorrhage and Multiple Meningiomas
Mutations of CCM3/PDCD10 cause 10-15% of hereditary cerebral cavernous malformations. The phenotypic characterization of CCM3-mutated patients has been hampered by the limited number of patientsExpand
A not so solitary fibrous tumor of the liver.
Solitary fibrous tumor (SFT) is a rare neoplasm. Liver parenchyma is a rare location of SFT and, in this case, it usually follows a benign course. We report here the case of a 54-year-old man whoExpand
Vascular Microanatomy of the Pontomedullary Junction, Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Arteries, and the Lateral Spinal Arteries
This study of 25 brains at the pontomedullary junction defined the different possible origins of the perforating arteries and lateral spinal arteries in relation to the posterior inferior cerebellarExpand
Spheno-Orbital Meningiomas Surgery: Multicenter Management Study for Complex Extensive Tumors.
BACKGROUND Spheno-orbital meningiomas (SOMs) are complex tumors involving the sphenoid wing, the orbit, and sometimes the cavernous sinus with bone hyperostosis and sheet-like dural involvement.Expand
Ideal intraspinal implantation site for the repair of ventral root avulsion after brachial plexus injury in humans. A preliminary anatomical study
The advances made to date in root reimplantation for avulsion of the brachial plexus are modest considering that there are only reports from ten patients in the literature. However, the results areExpand
Surgical anatomy of the jugular foramen.
The jugular foramen (JF) is a canal that makes communication between the posterior cranial fossa and the upper neck for one third of the cranial nerves and for the main venous channel of the brain.Expand
Anatomy of the arterial vascularization of the lips
The findings from 12 dissections of previously injected facial masks, 8 dissections of the face following intra-arterial injection of a red solution of Latex Neoprene, and a corrosion cast specimenExpand