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Cancer Chemopreventive Activity of Resveratrol, a Natural Product Derived from Grapes
Resveratrol, a phytoalexin found in grapes and other food products, was purified and shown to have cancer chemopreventive activity in assays representing three major stages of carcinogenesis.Expand
Discovery of betulinic acid as a selective inhibitor of human melanoma that functions by induction of apoptosis
As a result of bioassay–guided fractionation, betulinic acid, a pentacyclic triterpene, was identified as a melanoma–specific cytotoxic agent. In follow–up studies conducted with athymic miceExpand
Evaluation of estrogenic activity of plant extracts for the potential treatment of menopausal symptoms.
Eight botanical preparations that are commonly used for the treatment of menopausal symptoms were tested for estrogenic activity. Methanol extracts of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.), chasteberryExpand
Nigranoic acid, a triterpenoid from Schisandra sphaerandra that inhibits HIV-1 reverse transcriptase.
An A ring-secocycloartene triterpenoid, nigranoic acid (3,4-secocycloarta-4(28),24-(Z)-diene-3,-26-dioic acid, (1) was isolated from the stems of Schisandra sphaerandra, a Chinese traditionalExpand
Mechanistic evaluation of new plant-derived compounds that inhibit HIV-1 reverse transcriptase.
Swertifrancheside [1], a new flavonone-xanthone glucoside isolated from Swertia franchetiana, 1 beta-hydroxyaleuritolic acid 3-p-hydroxybenzoate [2], a triterpene isolated from the roots of MaprouneaExpand
Activity-guided isolation of the chemical constituents of Muntingia calabura using a quinone reductase induction assay.
Activity-guided fractionation of an EtOAc-soluble extract of the leaves of Muntingia calabura collected in Peru, using an in vitro quinone reductase induction assay with cultured Hepa 1c1c7 (mouseExpand
Aromatase inhibitors from Broussonetia papyrifera.
Bioassay-guided fractionation of an ethyl acetate-soluble extract from the whole plants of Broussonetia papyrifera, using an in vitro aromatase inhibition assay, led to the isolation of five newExpand
Natural anti-HIV agents-part I: (+)-demethoxyepiexcelsin and verticillatol from Litsea verticillata.
The eudesmane sesquiterpenoid, verticillatol (1), as well as the lignan, (+)-5'-demethoxyepiexcelsin (2), and a known lignan, (+)-epiexcelsin (3), were isolated from Litsea verticillata Hance. LignanExpand
Discovery of cyclooxygenase inhibitors from medicinal plants used to treat inflammation.
Eleven authenticated botanicals used in the traditional Chinese medicine Huo-Luo-Xiao-Ling Dan were screened for ligands to cyclooxygenase (COX) using pulsed ultrafiltration liquidExpand
Isolation, structure elucidation, and absolute configuration of 26-deoxyactein from Cimicifuga racemosa and clarification of nomenclature associated with 27-deoxyactein.
A new triterpene glycoside, 26-deoxyactein (1), along with two known compounds, 23-epi-26-deoxyactein (2), previously designated as "27-deoxyactein", and actein (3), were isolated from theExpand