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The biosynthetic gene cluster of the maytansinoid antitumor agent ansamitocin from Actinosynnema pretiosum
  • T. Yu, L. Bai, +7 authors H. Floss
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 11 June 2002
Two gene clusters required for the biosynthesis of the maytansinoid, ansamitocin, from a cosmid library of Actinosynnema pretiosum ssp. Expand
Biosynthesis of the ansamycin antibiotic rifamycin: deductions from the molecular analysis of the rif biosynthetic gene cluster of Amycolatopsis mediterranei S699.
Rifamycin production in A. mediterranei is governed by a single gene cluster consisting of structural, resistance and export, and regulatory genes that could be modified to produce novel forms of the rifamycins that may be effective against rif amycin-resistant microorganisms. Expand
Identification of a red pigment from Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) as a mixture of prodigiosin derivatives.
On the chemical nature of the red pigment is reported, which is blocked in the synthesis of the diffusible pigment actinorhodin3 by UV irradiation of strain B18. Expand
Rifamycin-mode of action, resistance, and biosynthesis.
  • H. Floss, T. Yu
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Chemical reviews
  • 12 January 2005
Production of ‘hybrid’ antibiotics by genetic engineering
The production of novel compounds by gene transfer between strains producing the isochromanequinone antibiotics actinorhodin, granaticin13 and medermycin14 is reported, believed to be the first report of the production of hybrid antibiotics by genetic engineering. Expand
The granaticin biosynthetic gene cluster of Streptomyces violaceoruber Tü22: sequence analysis and expression in a heterologous host.
Putative functional assignments of the products of most of the newly discovered ORFs were made, including those of genes involved in the PKS and tailoring Steps in the biosynthesis of the granaticin aglycone, steps in the deoxy sugar pathway, and putative regulatory and export functions. Expand
Functional expression of genes involved in the biosynthesis of the novel polyketide chain extension unit, methoxymalonyl-acyl carrier protein, and engineered biosynthesis of
A subcluster of five genes from the ansamitocin biosynthetic gene cluster of Actinosynnema pretiosum was coexpressed in Streptomyces lividans with the genes encoding the 6-deoxyerythronolide B (6-DEB) synthase from Saccharopolyspora erythraea, indicating that asm13-17 are sufficient for synthesis of this unusual chain extension unit. Expand