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The Permian gastropods of New South Wales
The type locality of the Permian rocks in New South Wales is in the lower Hunter Valley where a complete and continuous sequence occurs. In this area, as well as over most of the Sydney Basin, the
Slow Slip Events on the Hikurangi Subduction Interface, New Zealand
In common with other regions where continuously-recording Global Positioning System (CGPS) networks have been established above subduction zones, several aseismic deformation episodes have been
A new genus Glyptoleda and a revision of the genus Nuculana from the Permian of Australia
The stratigraphy of the Silverwood-Lucky Valley Permian succession has been reinterpreted on additional palaeontological evidence andGeneric rank is given to a well defined group of these shells with a characteristic and bizarre ornamentation under the name Glyptoleda.
A Permian ammonoid from New South Wales and the correlation of the Upper Marine Series
The only indubitable ammonoid from the Permian of New South Wales was found in the Branxton stage of the Upper Marine series of the Hunter River Valley, and represents a new species which is described as Adrianites (Neocrimites) meridionalis.
Trilobites from the Silurian of New South Wales
In this paper three new species of trilobites are described from a Lower Silurian horizon at Borenore, near Orange, New South Wales, as Encrinurus borenorensis, Phacops macdonaldi and Dicranogmus
A revision of the Australian Conulariae
The known species of Oonularia found in Australian rocks are revised, with descriptions of new species, and the genus is regarded as "an extinct group, equivalent to the Cephalopods, and derived with them from the same simple-shelled ancestor".