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Violation of non-Gaussianity consistency relation in a single-field inflationary model
In this paper we present a simple, toy model of single-field inflation in which the standard non-Gaussianity consistency condition is violated. In this model the curvature perturbations on
Warped brane worlds in six dimensional supergravity
We present warped compactification solutions of six-dimensional su- pergravity, which are generalizations of the Randall-Sundrum (RS) warped brane world to codimension two and to a supersymmetric
The (p,q) string tension in a warped deformed conifold
We find the tension spectrum of the bound states of p fundamental strings and q D-strings at the bottom of a warped deformed conifold. We show that it can be obtained from a D3-brane wrapping a
Uplifting and inflation with D3 branes
Back-reaction effects can modify the dynamics of mobile D3 branes moving within type IIB vacua, in a way which has recently become calculable. We identify some of the ways these effects can alter
Brane Inflation and Cosmic String Tension in Superstring Theory
In a simple reanalysis of the KKLMMT scenario, we argue that the slow roll condition in the -brane inflationary scenario in superstring theory requires no more than a moderate tuning. The cosmic
The Shape of gravity in a warped deformed conifold
We study the spectrum of the gravitational modes in Minkowski spacetime due to a 6-dimensional warped deformed conifold, i.e., a warped throat, in superstring theory. After identifying the zero mode
Instabilities in Mimetic Matter Perturbations
We study cosmological perturbations in mimetic matter scenario with a general higher derivative function. We calculate the quadratic action and show that both the kinetic term and the gradient term
Microwave Background Correlations from Dipole Anisotropy Modulation
Full-sky maps of the cosmic microwave background temperature reveal a 7% asymmetry of fluctuation power between two halves of the sky. A common phenomenological model for this asymmetry is an overall
In-in and δN calculations of the bispectrum from non-attractor single-field inflation
In non-attractor single-field inflation models producing a scale-invariant power spectrum, the curvature perturbation on super-horizon scales grows as ∝a3. This is so far the only known class of
Spontaneous creation of inflationary universes and the cosmic landscape
We study some gravitational instanton solutions that offer a natural realization of the spontaneous creation of inflationary universes in the brane world context in string theory. Decoherence due to