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Living in the Tenth Century: Mentalities and Social Orders@@@Equal in Monastic Profession: Religious Women in Medieval France
In this study of the manner in which medieval nuns lived, Penelope Johnson challenges facile stereotypes of nuns living passively under monastic rule, finding instead that collectively they wereExpand
The Carolingian Empire
12 The Murder of Charles the Good, Count of Flanders Galbert ofBruges Translated and edited by James Bruce Ross Paper 0-8020-6479-5 $14.95 13 William Marshall: Knight-Errant, Baron, and Regent ofExpand
Living in the Tenth Century: Mentalities and Social Orders
"Fichtenau delivers a fascinating view of tenth-century Europe on the eve of the second millenium. He writes this hoping we, on the eve of the third millenium, will take time also to look at who weExpand
The Germanic Monarchy of the Middle Ages and Its Power Over the Church
&dquo;We have chosen our teacher, Lord Sylvester, as Pope, and ordained and created him by the grace of God.&dquo; The Emperor Otto III wrote these words in the year 1001 in a document for PopeExpand
L'Empire carolingien
The Beginnings of the Medieval Empire
When we say Europe, what do we mean? Perhaps it has never been more necessary than it is today to apply not emotion but scientific method in answering this question. If we ask the politicians theyExpand
Reviews : Alexander der Grosse: Ingenium und Macht BY FRITZ SCHACHERMEYR. Graz-Salzburgh-Wien: Anton Pustet, I949. Pp. 535, with I5 illustrations and 7 maps
appropriate one for our generation. For we live in an age when the mere accumulation of material can no longer satisfy, while, on the other hand, the consequences of uncritical enthusiasm for theExpand