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Pions and Nuclei
The pion has emerges as the main feature of nuclear structure beyond the traditional description in terms of neutrons and protons. It manifests itself in a number of areas which are normally onlyExpand
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Theoretical Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Reactions
Multiple scattering formal theory of nuclear reactions elastic and inelastic scattering transfer reactions multistep reactions heavy ions high energy nuclear phenomena pion and kaon interactions withExpand
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Unified theory of nuclear reactions
Abstract A new formulation of the theory of nuclear reactions based on the properties of a generalized “optical” potential is presented. The real and imaginary part of this potential satisfy aExpand
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Finite Difference Equations
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A Unified Theory of Nuclear Reactions, II
Abstract The effective Hamiltonian method for nuclear reactions described in an earlier paper with the same title, part I, is generalized so as to include all possible reaction types, as well as theExpand
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Elementary Relativistic Wave Mechanics of Spin 0 and Spin 1/2 Particles
A unified picture of the relativistic single particle wave mechanics for both the spin 0 boson and the spin 1/2 h fermion is presented. The single particle equations discussed are the Klein-GordonExpand
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The Inelastic Scattering of Neutrons
The total cross section and the differential cross section for the inelastic scattering of neutrons are considered. It is assumed that the compound nucleus is sufficiently excited so that theExpand
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Model for Nuclear Reactions with Neutrons
. A simple model is proposed for the description of the scattering and the compound nucleus formation by nucleons impinging upon complex nuclei. It is shown that, by making appropriate averages overExpand
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