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Lichen Striatus: Description of 89 Cases in Children
Lichen striatus is a benign, self‐limited, linear, inflammatory dermatosis of unknown etiology that usually affects children and a possible association of lichen sclerosus with atopy and pruritus was observed. Expand
Simultaneous 51Cr edetic acid, inulin, and endogenous creatinine clearances in 20 patients with renal disease.
The aim of this monograph was to provide a chronology of events leading up to and including the creation of the human kidney, as well as some of the key events in the development of that organ. Expand
Foot and mouth disease virus production on microcarrier-grown cells.
The industrial usefulness of the production of foot and mouth disease virus with microcarrier grown cells has been tested at a large scale. The vaccines, intended for pigs, prepared with such virusExpand
Distal renal tubular dysfunction: a common feature in calcium stone formers
Tubular dysfunctions defined as impairments in hydrogen ion secretion and ammonium excretion after an acid challenge are a common feature of the urinary calcium stone disease and play a contributory role in its pathogenesis. Expand
[Use of anti-foot-and-mouth disease vaccine in oil adjuvant in young cattle].
A comparative study of the activity of foot-and-mouth disease vaccines, both aqueous- and oil-adjuvanted, was carried out on young bovines from vaccinated mothers to establish immunity after the first vaccination and booster by serology and immunology virulence testing. Expand
Hypersensitivity to aspirin: clinical and immunological studies.
Comparison of Foot and Mouth Disease vaccine potency testing on cattle in terms of the nature of the diluent
One essential parameter must be considered: the mode of fractionation of the vaccine doses, characterizing three different biological systems, as soon as one wants to establish the minimum requirements of protection given by a vaccine according to the IOE, expressed by the D50. Expand
[Evaluation in hospital practice of Fecatest, a new laboratory method for the detection of occult blood in feces].
It is concluded that Fecatest is a valuable tool in detecting lesions of the gastrointestinal tract associated with occult bleeding and shows a better degree of clinical correlation between the test and the lesions in theintestinal tract than with the other two tests investigated. Expand
Mitochondrial anomalies in a Swiss family with autosomal dominant myoglobinuria.
Findings suggest that the myoglobinuria in this family is caused by a nuclear-encoded mutation affecting the respiratory chain. Expand
[Production, control and use in swine of anti-foot-and-mouth disease vaccine in oil adjuvant].
This report considers the problems raised by the standardization of the raw material constituent to the vaccine as well as the different types of innocuity and activity testing carried out on sows, young pigs and bacon pigs. Expand