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Exposing digital forgeries by detecting traces of resampling
The unique stature of photographs as a definitive recording of events is being diminished due, in part, to the ease with which digital images can be manipulated and altered. Although good forgeriesExpand
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A Survey of Image Forgery Detection
We are undoubtedly living in an age where we are exposed to a remarkable array of visual imagery. While we may have historically had confidence in the integrity of this imagery, today’s digitalExpand
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Separating reflections from images by use of independent component analysis.
  • H. Farid, E. Adelson
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Journal of the Optical Society of America. A…
  • 1 September 1999
The image of an object can vary dramatically, depending on lighting, specularities, reflections, and shadows. It is often advantageous to separate these incidental variations from the intrinsicExpand
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Differentiation of Discrete Multi-Dimensional Signals
We describe the design of finite-size linear-phase separable kernels for differentiation of discrete multi-dimensional signals. The problem is formulated as an optimization of the rotation-invarianceExpand
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Exposing photo manipulation with inconsistent reflections
The advent of sophisticated photo editing software has made it increasingly easier to manipulate digital images. Often visual inspection cannot definitively distinguish the resulting forgeries fromExpand
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Range estimation by optical differentiation.
We describe a novel formulation of the range recovery problem based on computation of the differential variation in image intensities with respect to changes in camera position. This method uses aExpand
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Digital Image Ballistics from JPEG Quantization
Most digital cameras export images in the JPEG file format. This lossy compression scheme employs a quantization table that controls the amount of compression achieved. Different cameras typicallyExpand
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Separating Reflections from Images Using Independent Components Analysis
The image of an object can vary dramatically depending on lighting, specularities/reflections and shadows. It is often advantageous to separate these incidental variations from the intrinsic aspectsExpand
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Digital Image Ballistics from JPEG Quantization: A Followup Study
The lossy JPEG compression scheme employs a quantization table that controlstheamountofcompressionachieved. Becausedifferentcamerastypicallyemploy different tables, a comparison of an image’sExpand
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Exposing Digital Forgeries in Ballistic Motion
We describe a geometric technique to detect physically implausible trajectories of objects in video sequences. This technique explicitly models the three-dimensional ballistic motion of objects inExpand
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