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Mechanisms of Oxygen Demand/Supply Balance in the Right Ventricle
Few studies have investigated factors responsible for the O2 demand/supply balance in the right ventricle. Resting right coronary blood flow is lower than left coronary blood flow, which IsExpand
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Normobaric hypoxia conditioning reduces blood pressure and normalizes nitric oxide synthesis in patients with arterial hypertension
Objectives Insufficient production and/or increased decomposition of the potent endogenous vasodilator nitric oxide plays an important role in development and progression of arterial hypertension andExpand
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Intermittent Hypoxia: Cause of or Therapy for Systemic Hypertension?
During acute episodes of hypoxia, chemoreceptor-mediated sympathetic activity increases heart rate, cardiac output, peripheral resistance and systemic arterial pressure. However, differentExpand
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Role of Nitric Oxide in Cardiovascular Adaptation to Intermittent Hypoxia
Hypoxia is one of the most frequently encountered stresses in health and disease. The duration, frequency, and severity of hypoxic episodes are critical factors determining whether hypoxia isExpand
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Effects of intermittent hypoxia training on exercise performance, hemodynamics, and ventilation in healthy senior men.
The efficacy and safety of intermittent hypoxia training (IHT) were investigated in healthy, 60- to 74-yr-old men. Fourteen men (Gr 1) who routinely exercised daily for 20 to 30 min were comparedExpand
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Hypoxic preconditioning of ischaemic canine myocardium.
OBJECTIVE The aim was to test whether a brief period of non-ischaemic hypoxia can precondition myocardium. METHODS 60 anaesthetised adult mongrel dogs of either sex underwent 60 min occlusion ofExpand
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Increased Lymphatic Flow in the Thoracic Duct During Manipulative Intervention
Abstract The thoracic pump and the abdominal pump are osteopathic manipulative (OM) lymphatic pump techniques frequently used by osteopathic physicians to treat patients with infections (eg,Expand
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Right ventricular oxygen supply/demand balance in exercising dogs.
This is the first investigation of right ventricular (RV) myocardial oxygen supply/demand balance in a conscious animal. A novel technique developed in our laboratory was used to collect rightExpand
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Effects of a coronary alpha 1-constriction on transmural left ventricular flow and contractile function.
Modulation of myocardial contractile function and perfusion by alpha 1-adrenergic receptors were examined in anesthetized dogs during left stellate ganglion stimulation. In 11 dogs, stellateExpand
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Small vessel and total coronary blood volume during intracoronary adenosine.
The effect of a maximally dilating dose of intracoronary adenosine on total (CBV) and small-vessel blood volume (MSVBV, an index of open-capillary density), hematocrit (MSVHct), and relatedExpand
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