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"Relative State" Formulation of Quantum Mechanics
The task of quantizing general relativity raises serious questions about the meaning of the present formulation and interpretation of quantum mechanics when applied to so fundamental a structure asExpand
Packing and covering by translates of certain nonconvex bodies
We develop techniques for determining the packing and covering constants for star bodies composed of cubes. In the theory of convex sets problems of tiling, packing, and covering by translates of aExpand
"The Theory of the Universal Wave Function," long thesis as published, 1973
While the long thesis was organized around the quantum measurement problem and how it is best solved bypure wave mechanics, the short thesis presented Everett's relative-state formulation of pure wave mechanics more as a suitable theory for the development of quantum gravity, cosmology, and field theory. Expand
Hugh Everett III presented pure wave mechanics, sometimes referred to as the many-worlds interpretation, as a solution to the quantum measurement problem. While pure wave mechanics is a deterministicExpand
Hugh Everett draft letter with calculations to Norbert Wiener, May-1957
Eugene Everett sketches his response to Wiener's comments on his preprint, emphasizing that he disagrees that his formulation of quantum mechanics requires a notion of Lebesgue measure on a Hilbert space. Expand