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Morphological analysis of the tuberomammmillary nucleus in the rat brain: Delineation of subgroups with antibody again L‐histidine decarboxylase as a marker
With an antibody specific for L‐histidine decarboxylase (HD) in combination with immunohistochemical techniques and retrograde fluorescent tracing, the morphology, distribution, and projections ofExpand
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Effects of intermittent and continuous subchronic administration of raclopride on motor activity, dopamine turnover and receptor occupancy in the rat.
With the purpose of finding means to circumvent the marked pharmacokinetic differences of raclopride between rats and man, the effects of intermittent and continuous administration of raclopride wereExpand
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Galanin immunoreactivity in hypothalamic histamine neurons: Further evidence for multiple chemical messengers in the tuberomammillary nucleus
By using a specific antibody against the 29 amino‐acid peptide galanin (Gal) with light and electron microscopic immunocytochemistry, we have studied the distribution of Gal immunoreactivity in theExpand
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Subchronic treatment of rats with remoxipride fails to modify sigma binding sites in the brain.
The effects of 14 days' treatment of rats with haloperidol, remoxipride or both combined on the sigma binding sites in whole brain and liver were determined. The compounds were given subcutaneouslyExpand
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Neonatal vasopressin antagonist treatment facilitates adult copulatory behavior in female rats and increases hypothalamic vasopressin content
This study confirms that i.c.v. administration of Arg-vasopressin (AVP, 20 ng) inhibits copulatory behavior in female rats (lordosis response, LR) and demonstrates that this inhibitory effect isExpand
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An Electrocochleographic Study of the Effect of Plaster of Paris Implanted in the Middle Ear of the Guinea Pig
Many techniques for obliteration of the mastoid cavity after cholesteatoma and mastoid surgery, are known. Also the materials used are numerous, differing from organic autogenous and homogenousExpand
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Histaminergic neurons of the tuberomammillary nucleus : their organization and connectivities in the rat's brain
Histaminergic neurons of the tuberomammillary nucleus : their organization and connectivities in the rat's brain
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Engin de chantier et procédé pour faire fonctionner cet engin de chantier
Engin de chantier (1) comprenant un moteur a combustion interne (120) pour fournir un couple aux roues motrices (130) de l'engin de chantier et une ligne de transmission (110) disposee entre leExpand