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The Chemistry of the Order Cupressales
Studies on lignans from spruce and pine as well as the investigation of phenolic constituents from the heartwood of Scot’s pine and a large number of other pine species have indicated that a thoroughExpand
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The improvement of pollen-analysis technique
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The chemistry of the natural order cupressales—XXI : Cuparene and cuparenic acid, two sesquiterpenic compounds with a new carbon skeleton
Abstract An aromatic sesquiterpene, cuparene (IV), has been isolated from Chamaecyparis thyoides , Biota orientalis and Widdringtonia . Cuparene gives terephthalic acid on oxidation with diluteExpand
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Chemistry of the natural order cupressales—41: The structure and stereochemistry of communic acid
Abstract A new diterpene acid, communic acid, has been isolated as its sodium salt from the bark of the common juniper, Juniperus communis L. The structure and configuration (1a) of this acid followsExpand
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Some aspects of chemotaxonomy
During the First International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products Lord Todd1, in his Presidential Address, made some remarks that at first may have disturbed some of his audience. WithExpand
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