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Reflection in psychoanalysis: On symbols and metaphors
  • H. Enckell
  • Philosophy, Medicine
  • The International journal of psycho-analysis
  • 1 October 2010
Psychoanalysis is an art of reflection, i.e. it tries to facilitate the subject’s retrieval of his own self. The ‘material’ to be reflected upon consists of the products of human symbolization. ButExpand
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On the metapsychology of affects
This study is an attempt to provide a uniform model for how the phenomenon and conditions of emotions can be understood within psychoanalysis. Emotions will be considered from three angles: drive,Expand
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Transference, metaphor and the poetics of psychoanalysis
This paper investigates the structure and function of transference through the theory of metaphor. Transference is described as a manner of experiencing—and relating to—the analyst, manifesting anExpand
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Metaphor and the violent act
During the treatment of violent individuals who were, incidentally, highly verbal, the authors noticed that physical assaults were often preceded by the perpetrator s use of metaphors. It wasExpand
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The poetics of construction
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Variations of the past. Reflections on memory in contemporary psychoanalysis
In Jewish thought, contradictory positions may be legitimate. This is seen in Freud´s position in relation to tradition and memory: remembrance is valuable, but so is a movement forward. The mainExpand
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“I want to know, too”
  • H. Enckell
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • The Psychoanalytic study of the child
  • 1 January 2001
This paper discusses the psychotherapy of a latency boy who suffered from a progressive visual impairment. It first describes some of the problems blind and visually impaired children meet in theirExpand
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The results of the manuscript competition
In the fall of 1998, The Scandinavian Psychoanalytic Review announced an award for the most impressive psychoanalytic article. The jury comprised Judy Gammelgaard (Denmark), Karin Michal (Sweden),Expand