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Rising mass incomes as a condition of capitalist growth. Preserving capitalism through the empowerment of labor in the past and the present
Abstract Capitalism is market-regulated production for profit. Net profit depends on net investment spending. Net investment spending ultimately requires rising mass incomes. Both the transition toExpand
Development and Underdevelopment: The History, Economics and Politics of North-South Relations
Underdevelopment and its Causes The Social Structures in the Underdeveloped World Their Impact on North-South Relations The Politico-Economic Foundations of North-South Relations A 'New InternationalExpand
The Great Depression of the 1930s and the Third World
Overcoming Rent by Using Rent: The Challenge of Development
The article tracks the current crises of development theory in the understanding of the differences in political economy of developed capitalism (rising mass incomes) and underdeveloped economiesExpand
State, class, and development
The Rise of New Cultural Identitarian Movements in Africa and Asia in the Emerging Multipolar System
The rise of new cultural identitarian movements is explained by changing politico-economic conditions at the global and the local level, which led to the decline of the secular elites. TheseExpand
A World Economy Based on the Welfare State Principle
The welfare state is one of the organizing principles at the basis of developing and developed countries, and will play an important role in maintaining a capitalist world system. Its extension toExpand