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UWB antipodal vivaldi antennas with protruded dielectric rods for higher gain, symmetric patterns and minimal phase center variations
In this paper, the authors proposed a technique to improve the gain, narrow the H-plane beamwidth, and minimize the phase center variations with frequency by utilizing Vivaldi antenna with aExpand
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A highly efficient Vivaldi antenna array design on thick substrate and fed by SIW structure with integrated GCPW feed
A compact Vivaldi antenna array printed on thick substrate and fed by a substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) structure is presented here. The array utilizes an SIW binary splitter to significantlyExpand
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Experimental development of a circularly polarized antipodal tapered slot antenna using SIW feed printed on thick substrate
In this paper, we propose a SIW fed circularly polarized (CP) tapered slot antenna which have a good return loss and a wide band axial-ratio. The performance of the antenna has been extensivelyExpand
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Single-fed 4G/5G multiband 2.4/5.5/28 GHz antenna
In this study, a single-fed printed multiband antenna for 4G/5G wireless communication systems is presented. The proposed multiband antenna consists of Franklin strip monopole antenna to cover 4G,Expand
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Uniplanar bridgeless CPW-to-slotline transition and its application to CPW balun
A new coplanar waveguide (CPW)-to-slotline transition that is uniplanar and bridgeless is presented. The transition consists of a CPW cross and CPW stubs in which both the even and odd modes areExpand
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A Compact Microstrip Power Divider Using Periodic DGS and HIOS
In this paper, miniaturized branch-line couplers (BLCs) are designed, simulated and fabricated using FR4 substrate at the operating frequency 2.4GHz. First, high impedance open stubs (HIOS) are usedExpand
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Electronically Switchable Ultra-Wide Band /Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Using Defected Ground Structures
In this paper, an electronically switchable ultra-wideband (UWB)/dual-band bandpass filter using defected ground structures (DGSs) is proposed. The proposed filter consists of meandered inter-digitalExpand
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Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Filter with Sharp Tuned Notched Band Rejection Based on CRLH Transmission-Line Unit Cell
The proposed filter satisfies the Federal Communications Commission ultra-wideband (FCC-UWB) specifications and also creates and controls sharp rejection notch-bands within the filter’s passband inExpand
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Approximate electromagnetic cloaking of a conducting cylinder using homogeneous isotropic multi-layered materials
Abstract Cloaking refers to hiding a body from detection by surrounding it with a coating consisting of an unusual anisotropic nonhomogeneous material. Its function is to deflect the rays that wouldExpand
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Taxonomy of security attacks and threats in cognitive radio networks
Cognitive radio networks (CRNs) are exposed to different types of threats and attacks from different malicious users more than traditional wireless networks, which can affect the network availability and performance. Expand
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