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Cytology of carcinus haemocytes and their function in carbohydrate metabolism
Abstract 1. 1. Haemocytes of the common shore crab, Carcinus maenas, have been examined under the light and electron microscopes. 2. 2. Two morphologically distinct cell types are observed and theExpand
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Scanning electron microscopy of rachitic rat bone.
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Comparative studies of the ultrastructure of the sebaceous gland.
Three-dimensional reconstructions and ultrastructural evidence on the sebaceous glands of man and domestic animals indicate that sebum is produced from a column of developing and degenerating cellExpand
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Comparison between measured and calculated ionised concentrations in Mg2+ /ATP, Mg2+ /EDTA and Ca2+ /EGTA buffers; influence of changes in temperature, pH and pipetting errors on the ionised
The apparent dissociation constants (Kapp) and total ligand concentrations ([Ligand]T) from extensive published and unpublished macroelectrode measurements for Mg2+/ATP, Mg2+/EDTA and Ca2+/EGTAExpand
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The lipid composition of bovine sebum and dermis.
Abstract A comparison has been made of the lipid composition of bovine sebum with that of the surrounding dermal layers, after removal of the hairs and sebaceous glands by microdissection, toExpand
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Changes in bone mineral in experimentally induced rickets in the rat: Electron microprobe and chemical studies
SummaryThe elemental composition of trabecular bone was compared for: (a) rats made rachitic on a low phosphorus, vitamin D-deficient diet; (b) rats fed the same diet but supplemented with vitamin D;Expand
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In 16 patients with chronic renal failure and osteomalacia resistant to vitamin-D therapy, aluminium was demonstrated in bone biopsy specimens at the interface between thickened osteoid and calcifiedExpand
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Cellular and mitochondrial changes induced in the structure of murine skeletal muscle by crotoxin, a neurotoxic phospholipase A2 complex.
Following a single i.m. injection of a sublethal dose of crotoxin into the hindlimb of mice, degenerative changes were observed in the soleus muscle in the ensuing 72 hr using light and electronExpand
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Ultrastructural and X-ray microanalytical studies of EGTA- and detergent-treated heart muscle
SummaryThe efficacy of the ‘EGTA-treatment’ for producing a model of selectively ‘skinned’ cardiac muscle has been questioned. This paper deals with ultrastructural evidence designed to test whetherExpand
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The regulation of membrane 125I‐ and 86Rb+ permeability in a virally transformed cell line (NCL‐SG3) derived from the human sweat gland epithelium
We have explored the factors that may regulate membrane permeability in a cell line (NCL‐SG3) derived from the human sweat gland epithelium. Ionomycin increased the rate of 125I‐efflux from preloadedExpand
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