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A systematic review of stress in dental students.
The aim of this study was to systematically review the available literature on the levels, causes, and impact of stress among dental students. The investigators searched eight electronic databases:Expand
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Socio-economic Inequalities and Oral Health in Canada and the United States
This paper describes and compares the magnitude of socio-economic inequalities in oral health among adults in Canada and the US over the past 35 years. We analyzed data from nationally representativeExpand
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Coping and psychological distress among head and neck cancer patients
IntroductionFew studies have described the relationship between the psychological distress associated with head and neck cancer and how patients cope with their disease.PurposeThe purpose of thisExpand
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Trends in Dental Implant Use in the U.S., 1999–2016, and Projections to 2026
Dental implants have become an increasingly popular treatment choice for replacing missing teeth. Yet, little is known about the prevalence and sociodemographic distribution of dental implant use inExpand
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Inequalities in Indigenous Oral Health: Findings from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada
The objective was to compare absolute differences in the prevalence of Indigenous-related inequalities in dental disease experience and self-rated oral health in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.Expand
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Social inequalities in tooth loss: A multinational comparison
OBJECTIVES To conduct cross-national comparison of education-based inequalities in tooth loss across Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand and the United States. METHODS We used nationallyExpand
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A prospective clinical trial to assess the optical efficacy of pink neck implants and pink abutments on soft tissue esthetics
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this prospective, randomized, controlled, multicenter clinical study was to analyze the optical effects of an anodized pink colored implant shoulder/abutment system in theExpand
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Sources of stress in Canadian dental students: a prospective mixed methods study.
The objectives of this study were to describe sources of stress in predoctoral dental students and first-year residents at one dental school and to understand how these sources evolved during theExpand
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Self-report oral health and disease experience among adults in China and NZ
ObjectivesDifferences in oral health perceptions complicate comparisons of self-reported oral health in countries with considerably different cultures, traditions, and dental care. We compared it inExpand
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Socioeconomic status, oral health and dental disease in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States
BackgroundSocioeconomic inequalities are associated with oral health status, either subjectively (self-rated oral health) or objectively (clinically-diagnosed dental diseases). The aim of this studyExpand
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