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The ROSAT Brightest Cluster Sample — I. The compilation of the sample and the cluster log N—log S distribution
We present a 90 per cent flux-complete sample of the 201 X-ray-brightest clusters of galaxies in the northern hemisphere (δ ≥ 0°), at high Galactic latitudes (|b| ≥ 20°), with measured redshifts z ≤Expand
Chandra Cluster Cosmology Project. II. Samples and X-Ray Data Reduction
We discuss the measurements of the galaxy cluster mass functions at z 0.05 and z 0.5 using high-quality Chandra observations of samples derived from the ROSAT PSPC All-Sky and 400 deg2 surveys. WeExpand
Properties of the X-ray-brightest Abell-type clusters of galaxies (XBACs) from ROSAT All-Sky Survey data - I. The sample
We present an essentially complete, all-sky, X-ray flux limi ted sample of 242 Abell clusters of galaxies (six of which are double) compiled from ROSAT All-Sky Survey data. Our sample isExpand
Chandra Cluster Cosmology Project III: Cosmological Parameter Constraints
Chandra observations of large samples of galaxy clusters detected in X-rays by ROSAT provide a new, robust determination of the cluster mass functions at low and high redshifts. Statistical andExpand
The ROSAT Brightest Cluster Sample - IV. The extended sample
We present a low-flux extension of the X-ray-selected ROSAT Brightest Cluster Sample (BCS) published in Paper I of this series. Like the original BCS and employing an identical selection procedure,Expand
The nature and space density of fossil groups of galaxies
We describe the properties of a sample of galaxy groups with very unusual distributions of galaxy luminosities. The most extreme example has an X-ray luminosity similar to that of the Virgo clusterExpand
MACS: A Quest for the Most Massive Galaxy Clusters in the Universe
We describe the design and current status of a new X-ray cluster survey aimed at the compilation of a statistically complete sample of very X-ray luminous (and thus, by inference, massive), distantExpand
A complete sample of 12 very x-ray luminous galaxy clusters at z >0.5
We present the statistically complete and cosmologically most relevant subset of the 12 most distant galaxy clusters detected at z > 0.5 by the Massive Cluster Survey (MACS). Ten of these systems areExpand
The Observed Growth of Massive Galaxy Clusters II: X-ray Scaling Relations
This is the second in a series of papers in which we derive simultaneous constraints on cosmology and X-ray scaling relations using observations of massive, X-ray flux-selected galaxy clusters. TheExpand
The ROSAT Brightest Cluster Sample — III. Optical spectra of the central cluster galaxies
We present new spectra of dominant galaxies in X-ray selected clusters of galaxies, which combine with our previously published spectra to form a sample of 256 dominant galaxies in 215 clusters. 177Expand