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Plant tissue and cell culture
Powerful Plants is an Education and Outreach program brought to you by: Plant tissue and cell culture is a process that involves cloning plants/plant cells from individual cells, organs or tissue inExpand
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Nutrition and metabolism of plant tissue cultures.
  • H. E. Street
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of the National Cancer Institute
  • 1 October 1957
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Growth and Differentiation
Publisher Summary This chapter provides an overview on plant growth and development. The growth of plant organs is the outcome of cell division, enlargement of the new cells, and theirExpand
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Freeze Preservation of Cultured Plant Cells. III. The Pregrowth Phase
There is an inverse relationship between cell size and capacity to survive the freeze-preservation protocol. Pregrowth of cell suspensions in media rendered more negative in water potential byExpand
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Origin and structure of embryoids arising from epidermal cells of the stem of Ranunculus sceleratus L.
Embryoids are initiated from single highly cytoplasmic cells of the stem epidermis of plantlets of Ranunculus sceleratus L. derived from callus cultures. The embryoids show embryological developmentExpand
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Sodium chloride-resistant cultured cell lines from Nicotiana sylvestris and Capsicum annuum
Abstract A number of cell lines of Nicotiana sylvestris and Capsicum annuum have been obtained which are capable of growth in liquid media containing 1% and 2% w/v sodium chloride. The cells of theExpand
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Freeze Preservation of Cultured Plant Cells
A slow rate of cooling (1–2°C/min) is essential for high survival during the freezing phace. Death of cells during this phase takes place at temperatures below the freezing point of the suspendingExpand
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The influence of sucrose, 2,4-D, and kinetin on the growth, fine structure, and lignin content of cultured sycamore cells
SummaryWhen suspensions of sycamore cells are cultured in a synthetic medium containing 1.0 mg/l 2,4-D and 0.25 mg/l kinetin, maximum cell yield is obtained with an initial concentration of 6 perExpand
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