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Saproxylic beetles (Coleoptera) using Populus in boreal aspen stands of western Canada: spatiotemporal variation and conservation of assemblages
Saproxylic beetles associated with Populus coarse woody material were sampled from two age classes of fire-origin aspen stands in north-central Alberta, Canada. A combination of rearings from woodExpand
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Saproxylic insect assemblages in Canadian forests: diversity, ecology, and conservation1
Saproxylic insect assemblages inhabiting dead wood in Canadian forests are highly diverse and variable but quite poorly understood. Adequate assessment of these assemblages poses significantExpand
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Early colonization of Populus wood by saproxylic beetles (Coleoptera)
The early colonization of newly created coarse woody material (CWM) by beetles was studied in aspen mixedwood forests at two locations in north-central Alberta. Healthy trembling aspen (Populus tre...
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Arthropod Biodiversity From Populus Coarse Woody Material in North-Central Alberta: a Review of Taxa and Collection Methods
Arthropods associated with Populus coarse woody material (CWM) were sampled from aspen-mixedwood stands in north-central Alberta using rearings from wood bolts and flight-intercept traps attached toExpand
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The effects of patch harvesting and site preparation on ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in yellow birch dominated forests of southeastern Quebec
We studied the impacts of increasing size and number of gapcuts and the effects of site preparation by scarification on the species richness and community composition of ground beetles (Coleoptera:Expand
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Edge influence of low-impact seismic lines for oil exploration on upland forest vegetation in northern Alberta (Canada)
Abstract Low-impact seismic (LIS) techniques were developed to reduce the environmental footprint of oil exploration. Though relatively narrow (∼2–3 m) and constructed with light-weight equipment,Expand
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Maintaining saproxylic insects in Canada's extensively managed boreal forests: a review
Recent work on saproxylic insect assemblages in western Canadian boreal forests has demonstrated high faunal diversity and variability, and that adequate assessment of these insects involvesExpand
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Comparison of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) and spiders (Araneae) collected in pan and pitfall traps
Pitfall trapping is a widely used sampling method for biodiversity-related research of ground-dwelling arthropods. The trap is a container, usually with a preservative, that is sunk into the groundExpand
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A Revision of the Genus Callimoxys Kraatz (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in America North of Mexico and Review of World Species
ABSTRACT The North American species of Callimoxys Kraatz, 1863 are revised. Callimoxys sanguinicollis (Olivier, 1795), Callimoxys fuscipennis (LeConte, 1861), new status, and Callimoxys pinorumExpand
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Review of Canadian species of the genera Gnathusa Fenyes, Mniusa Mulsant & Rey and Ocyusa Kraatz (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae)
Abstract Four species of Gnathusa Fenyes (G. alfacaribou Klimaszewski & Langor, G. caribou Lohse, G. eva Fenyes, and G. tenuicornis Fenyes) occur in the Nearctic and in Canada. Three species ofExpand
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